40k eternal war missions

After seeing the other upgrades to missions I hoped it would be gone, as without it this is basically a stepping stone to playing ITC, and hey that’s a totally fine thing to throw into the mix. C. The fundamentals are OK, and it’s fine if both players are tailoring lists, but the Troop-only stipulation is a huge mistake that they’ve had a year to fix and just…haven’t. This mission is very similar to Crusade so pretty much all of the strategic advice from that mission applies here too. Maelstrom missions are one of my favourite ways to play 40k and have been since they were introduced, so I was excited to see what the new missions would have in store for me. The player that scores the most victory points wins. List disparity can really swing this game, making it more about protecting the Characters than holding the Objectives, or playing it like a normal game if both armies are Character-lite. If you’re on the trajectory to table your opponent, but you’re behind on points, make sure you have forces heading towards their home objective nice and early as once there are only two on the board you need to hold both to get 3VP per round instead of 1 VP. For one command point, you can discard up to 3 of your tactical objectives. All Rights Reserved. Maximises the chances of you having at least one objective in your deployment zone (11/12 of the time you will), and gives you the ability to hold two without moving (either two are in the zone or one is in and one is within 3″ of the line) if you win the roll-off on any map except Vanguard Strike, where you will have one as deep into your zone as possible. Sudden Death no longer applies in the new Eternal war missions. In addition, the player that destroyed more of their opponent’s units in the battle round receives 1VP. The game will last at least 4 turns, assuming you can score every single card you draw, which is a big assumption. They’re also the default for matched play games at clubs and on kitchen tables around the world, which means that for the vast majority of players a new Chapter Approved is what provides a breath of fresh air in terms of mission formats. Close. The great news for those players (and, indeed, the game as a whole) is that Chapter Approved 2019 (CA19) has easily the best set of missions that GW have put out for 8th edition, and that’s clearly because of a real effort on the part of the designers to get them right and design for balance. In later rounds of a tournament where you’re vying for the top position the maths might change – if you’re already ahead taking the “safe” option of razing all of them on 5 is probably best, but if you know you’re not going to podium without a massive score gambling on holding to 6 or even 7 can be the correct play (as long as that doesn’t risk you losing the game). If they have split their forces up to take three objectives, you can hopefully do more damage to them than they did to you by focusing your efforts into a single hammer blow. It serves as a good transition mission before you introduce someone to ITC missions proper. However, the tradeoff for that is that if you do start the game defensively you are ceding scoring on four of the objectives until your opponent’s initial thrust has been repelled.

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