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Altice USA is seeking out construction and tech workers willing to sign up for voluntary layoffs that would begin on May 12, in an effort to cut costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. —  “As you know, earlier this week we shared that we’re seeing consumer behavior affecting field service expectations as well as local conditions and restrictions in our communities impacting some of our construction efforts such as FTTH [fiber-to-the-home] because of state restrictions, municipality closures impacting permitting, and availability from 3rd parties such as utilities due to resource constraints,” the memo stated. Cmon already it worse now then it was in March and April . Service was good, issues here and there but nothing like this. The Dolan family is suing Altice USA — the cable company to which it sold Cablevision with its News 12 network back in 2016 for $17.7 billion. This incompetent owners run this company into the ground. Supervisors getting bonuses to fire techs. By CHARLES DAYE, Staff Writer - October 16, 2020 customers leaving in droves cause of bad storm response and 1-2 hour wait times on hold and good luck if you can get a rep that understands you. Hope that everyone is doing ok after the hurricane. Inclusive. These altice boneheads ran fiber with no armor...unlike the fiber verizon and Cablevision ran. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The response times, turn arounds, 2 hour hold times, reschedules, foreign call center conversations to a dead end... Visit our corporate site. Dunellen, Piscataway and Edison have joined Hamilton and Robbinsville in pursuing an investigation of Altice. Employers to provide workers... Altice Technical Services | 839 followers on LinkedIn | Altice Technical Services is a newly formed entity within the Altice family of companies. Insider Ownership Percentage: 45.00% Lines around the block to return equipment and cancel. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Heard Lake Charles is in really bad shape. And let me tell you but waiting for 30min and still waiting while posting... If your an employee of Altice, ATS contact local news to share your story. I’m sure those are not the only towns looking to take action... Curious. read more, Please let this company shoot itself in the foot, why complain, let them keep using outside contractors, it just creates job security for techs that where trained properly. Never seen... In the past several weeks Altice US has offered premium pay to customer-facing, contact center and news field employees and created a $10 million community relief program to help assist local communities during the pandemic. read more, I have reached my limit , now when customers ask why customer service is so hard to get ahold of ,or why they haven’t had service for a week , I tell them the truth . But the Dolans allege Altice went back on its word almost immediately when it began laying off staff just a year later. “This is causing us to have to make difficult decisions regarding our workforce which will require us to lay some employees off. It is always easier to find job when you have job. “We are currently in negotiations to mitigate the layoffs with Altice and hope to have a workable solution in the near future,” CWA said. In New York State, where Altice USA has its greatest concentration of customers — about 1.9 million of its 4.3 million total subscribers, according to the New York State Public Service Commission — the company agreed not to lay off customer-facing workers for four years as part of a franchise renewal. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Take care of yourself try to get out. when its time for them to lay you off. Altice needs to hand over their USA operations,, I can't believe it......the worst ownership, Altice Employees should contact local news and media in regards for getting blamed for poor service. And doing a pretty good job at it too. read more, Workers to keep at least 6 feet from each other “to the maximum extent possible.” read more, sooo many issues with the fiber plant from Squirrel chew. Its happening in some shops already where some supervisors are out or quit. According to its 10-K annual report, Altice USA has about 10,700 workers. A MUST READ !! “We communicated to these employees in mid-April.”, Weekly digest of streaming and OTT industry news. Read More. Sitemap Messages relating to layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision) are presented below the company info. Passionate. —  Bath per line. In the first quarter, Altice USA lost about 42,000 video customers and gained 50,000 high-speed Internet subscribers, both ahead of analysts’ expectations. 42 minutes equates to 5 jobs to be done in 3.5... There don't care if you work very well or not. read more, boy do I feel bad for these customers that have no choice but to deal with this garbage company, thee worst and I can't put enough emphasis on worst. Federal government pay these people so we can get some damn hazard pay, 42 minutes come on a job get off your phone and and ride with a real tech fix a contractor job set up safety devices , do a hip test listen to the 10 minute or more rambling of the costumers issues . Insider Selling (Last 12 Months): $278,730,895.17, i been a customer of optimum since the dolan days. According to reports, Altice USA closed the Los Angeles studio for its Cheddar streaming news operations in April, resulting in some layoffs. The layoff would be effective as of May 12, 2020.". Lead techs are running the show. Sony and Microsoft Launch the Future of Gaming Consoles This Week, FuboTV Reports Loss as It Makes Sports Betting Plans, With Comcast Brought to Heel, TiVo Sets Sights on Canadian X1 Licensees, Simington Takes Center Stage in Nomination Hearing. Altice has extra money left over in their budget but instead of giving to their techs they are giving it to the supervisors as incentives for firing techs. uniform. —  they will just let you go. Then the fiber build comes to a stop, employees and departments get pink... The media moguls — including patriarch Charles, Madison Square Garden honcho Jim and former News 12 president and Newsday exec Pat — allege that they sold the local news network to conglomerate Altice USA with the rest of Cablevision only because it promised to protect News 12’s journalistic legacy. Altice USA is seeking out construction and tech workers willing to sign up for voluntary layoffs that would begin on May 12, in an effort to cut costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Insider Buying (Last 12 Months): $0.00 Layoff hundreds now offer VRP package, is this even legal? Dark. According to the suit, “In order to induce [the Dolans] to part with the News 12 asset, Altice promised to stand by News 12’s employees and their salaries, and operate News 12 in accordance with the five-year business plan” set by the Dolans. this company is pure evil...upper management blows millions on a fiber build that was mismanaged from the start and built with c-ap fiber that wont stand the test of time. Pat says they decided they had to sue “to protect its employees” and because “a newsroom is more than its balance sheet.”, In a statement, Altice said it “remains committed to offering meaningful news coverage.”, Kim Zolciak says she was in talks to be 'The Bachelorette', This story has been shared 8,604 times. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Anyone confirm or deny this? In a memo sent to employees, Altice USA Technical Services is asking for field service workers in New York state to volunteer for layoffs. Altice took over and have moved most of their services overseas for cheap labor. “Regretfully, we also made the difficult decision to lay off a small percentage of employees, and while these decisions are never made lightly, we are providing severance and our full support to impacted employees,” Altice continued in the statement. —  Altice hasn’t revealed how many workers it has had to let go, but has said it was a small percentage of its total workforce. Reminder NJ employees New workplace standards start 11/5 at 06:00, Altice tried to sweeten bid for cogeco with 11 billion...cogeco says. Now they’re scrambling to avoid losing some of their biggest franchises. 8,200, This story has been shared 3,682 times. After 20GB of Unlimited data, speeds reduced to 2G. read more. they will just let you go. —  Multichannel News is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. In a memo sent to employees, Altice USA Technical Services is asking for field service workers in New York state to volunteer for layoffs. All rights reserved. There was a problem. I tell them they are talking to reps in the third world , and their service is so... If field ain’t happy nobodies happy. Is this what frenchie(drahi) had in mind when it comes to doing business in a customer service field. They let employees go "because of covid" , acting like funds were tight...but then they make $3 billion bid for another company?! © Your California Privacy Rights Light. —  8,604, This story has been shared 8,200 times. Look whos getting grilled now. Thank you for signing up to Multichannel News. Field service is the face of the company. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Slide Video. They know he's full o $hit. Your Ad Choices —  —  Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights Starting at $12/mo. Altice allegedly agreed to lose up to $60 million before cutting any of the company 462 staffers. Squirrels and animals bite right through it causing outages all the time. Terms of Use Altice USA confirmed that its Altice Technical Service unit is offering a voluntary option for some techs, field service and outside plant workers to receive severance or remain in their current roles. How can you have " best... As we are making these decisions we thought we would first seek to understand if there is anyone within FS [field services], OSP [outside plant], or on FTTH (Long Term Assignment from FS or OSP) who would like to volunteer for consideration to be laid off from the company. It couldn’t be determined how many, if any, were let go in its Suddenlink territories in the Midwest, Southeast and Western parts of the country. Innovative. Messages relating to layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision) are presented below the company info.

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