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View all items and status here. October is over and it's time for an ARK Monthly Update. Wed, Nov 11, 2020 Completed ACC projects include: During this recent month, I have discovered an additional use for the research conducted for the ACC’s current project, Project ‘VIDERE.’ I have been able to tie the work being done to a goal of MarketSquare content strategy, in addition to the other uses. During August, the Unikname blog published a very concise article detailing what’s possible with their platform built on ARK and gets to the root of the ‘why’ for accessible decentralized identifiers. The ACF is running some giveaways on the #ark_community_fund channel of Subscribe for real-time news at * Validation. If you missed it from last month, check out the July 2020 edition of the Monthly Update video: Online Crypto Games powered by Delegate Fun. Here's how you can get to Power level 1,200 and above as fast as possible. October 2020 Update Dev Update. See years of achievements for ARK at * One-click deployment is also possible with this upcoming version. Unikname is also doing some pretty progressive things with NFTs using ARK technology. If you missed their recent Summer update, you can read it here. Here’s the Community Service Spotlight for this month: The Community Service Spotlight pulls entries from The ARK Monthly Development Report covers public releases among ARK open source projects, all pull requests (opened, closed, merged), all issues opened and closed in every ARK Ecosystem public repository, the number of contributors during that month, the number of new stargazers and total lines of GitHub code added or deleted. MarketSquare is built for the whole crypto and Blockchain industry, so more developers will become exposed to ARK bounties. ARK Core is a lightweight but very powerful codebase that functions as the base component of the entire ARK Ecosystem. On August 11th, published a blog article celebrating a community-based addition to the ARK Ecosystem. Recently, nOS unveiled a rebrand for its network. ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, Switch, Mac and Linux. The ARK Community Committee creates and deploys community resources through anonymous and sponsored ARK donations. Chief Strategy Officer Matthew DC has some announcements from within the ARK Team for August: Michel Kraaijeveld Transitions to Lead Developer. 9 Added 10 November 2020. We also release an update podcast each month on the ARK Crypto Podcast as well as an update video on the ARK YouTube channel . Ultimate bundles your Xbox Live Gold subscription, an Xbox Game Pass subscription for both Xbox consoles and Windows PC's, and Xbox Cloud Gaming for on-the-go. ️ Like, RT & tag 3 pals ️ Follow️ Join live session in the Quiz after the AMA and share $150 in $ARK ❤️ Check a recent interview with Dean van Dugteren as I play a decentralized game powered by ARK with him, and check Compendia’s announcement articles here and here. !Community validators operational $NOS ◎ to $BIND ß token swap starting tomorrow! We aim to make MarketSquare into a powerful tool for the entire industry, and the work does not end after the Public Beta release during Q4 2020 by any stretch. This network statistics report summarizes network activity on the ARK Public Network for the recent month. Monthly Update July 2020 Video. MarketSquare is a platform designed to be a showcase and meeting place for Delegates, Blockchains, Plugins and Businesses in the Economy 2.0. Since then, we have been considering what to do with the now-vacant Lead Developer position. Their website is ArkCommunity.Fund. does not run the ARK Public Network. In August, we highlighted ARK technology in action with a video showcasing crypto games powered by Delegate ‘Fun’ of the ARK Public Network. Hotkey for GCM demolished has changed to "G" when using keyboard and mouse. Taken from the Development Report, the following minor Core releases were made public during this previous month: Learn more about the ARK Core from this announcement blog article and on the six-part Let’s Explore Core series from the ARK Blog, starting with Part 1 — Infrastructure. why can't i update this game on windows store? ProBit Listing. The OCC doesn’t usually come to mind as a major player in cryptocurrency as it pertains to government bodies and private financial institutions, as the SEC has been getting most of the attention in the crypto space. Take the three-minute feedback survey here. The article concludes with details of the features developers get when managing the chain post-deployment. AMA Results with the ARK Team on ChangeNOW Telegram, Questions and Answers on ARK Core, Deployer, Wallets, and More, Question and Answers on ARK Technology (for Developers). Compendia Building with ARK Core. You may even receive an ARK tip from a community member using Delegate Cryptology’s intuitive ArkTippr Reddit tipbot. Details, external links and show notes are available at Read the full article here. We just successfully soft-launched the @Compendia_org Mainnet! 'ARK' is available now on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux. This promotion is well deserved and we feel confident that ARK development will be in good hands with Michel. Confidence. I felt the 2020 hours I put in this game is finally paying off. The ARK Roadmap features various projects and sub-projects that is working on. Build your own blockchain based taco shop utilizing ARK technology. Real-time problems and outages for ARK. 'ARK' update 2.40 features Stegosaurus TLC. Secondary features like the improved taming HUD and insect breeding weren't discussed as heavily, but they're greatly appreciated nonetheless. Think of it as a public implementation of ARK technology where node operators agree to run ARK Core Plugins developed by 3rd-party project teams in a public testnet environment. The desktop wallet even integrates with Ledger Nano hardware wallet devices. Now, with more than 30 core team members, from 12 different countries — we take decentralization to a whole new level. The show aims for a 30-minute runtime and releases new episodes every Friday. Destiny 2: Beyond Light is here, and that means a new Power level grind is here too. The ARK Community Fund started as a community initiative and the elected board reviews ideas and projects that enhance ARK. To become a true ecosystem, these new chains need a new and reliable method to communicate in a decentralized way. Ask-Me-Anythings are periodically conducted where ARK team members answer questions by community members and developers, as well as 3rd party organizations taking questions from the community as well. In this new version, users will be presented with a far-improved web-based graphical user interface. ChangeNOW & ProBit AMA. What are your thoughts on ARK update 2.40 so far? 0 % Vote. As far as the major features of this new ARK update are concerned, the two main points of focus are the Stegosaurus and Woolly Mammoth. (Beta). Are you happy with TLC 3? Fixed a bug which prevented you from placing Cliff Platform structures in the Genesis Part 1 Ocean Biome, Fixed a bug which allowed players to fly across the map with certain creatures and grappling hooks. Watch it here: Watch our videos at and subscribe to our channel in one click using this special link. also participated in a lot of community engagement during August with AMAs hosted by ChangeNOW and ProBit, as well as community question podcasts and a Major League Hacking workshop. Read the full article here. Tell us in the comments section! In August, we highlighted ARK technology in action with a video showcasing crypto games powered by Delegate ‘Fun’ of the ARK Public Network. Learn more and be the first one to test our upcoming beta release by signing up to our mailing list. #ARK #blockchain #deployer. Track activity on #committee channel.

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