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A well-made sharpening stone is important for keeping your knives and tools in good condition. If you are looking for the Rolls Royce of sharpening stones … Arkansas stone, by contrast, is a natural sharpening stone made from a variety of quartz, as explained above. This is the finest knife sharpening material in the World. This rare stone can put a surgical quality edge on any blade. Tool and knife sharpener stones are made of natural corundum and in general, the more you pay the better quality whetstone you get. Sharpening stones are our specialty! It measures a full 8" x 3" x 1/2" thick and comes in a BEAUTIFUL Hand Crafted Hardwood Box. Natural " Genuine " Arkansas Sharpening Stones The Arkansas sharpening stone is rated number one by engravers, stone setters, watch and clock makers, light engineers and wood workers to name just a few craftspeople who use these stones. In here you can find a large diversity of Arkansas stones, natural sharpening stones, and Japanese whetstones from the best brands of the market. A double-sided sharpening stone like the BearMoo Premium Whetstone gives you a sharpening … Arkansas sharpening stones are suitable for sharpening … So, forget about having blunt knives in your kitchen and choose one of our sharpening stones … Recently, we added both scuttles and … For those of you who have followed our growth, you have seen that we are always striving to add new relevant items to our lineup. Ceramic Sharpening Stones vs Water Stones As the name suggests, ceramic sharpening stones …

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