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However, a great deal of Sherlock Holmes' deductive talent comes from being very well versed in the area of London and being able to identify things like the soils from various parts of it; move him to Gotham City where Batman has the home field advantage, and I think the scales are tipped in Batman's direction. I'm really not sure if the scales tip to Batman's advantage. Oct 17, 2014 #3 A. anarckitty Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! You know, considering he knows Aquaman? Oct 17, 2014 #3 A. anarckitty Member . My man Detective Conan will out gumshoe both of those suckas. Holmes is absolutely insane at deduction, I don't even think Batman can match him at that. pffft.... if Bat's invited Sherlock round with any ulterior motive the Holmes would know... plus Sherlock often carries a gun and is quite capable of handling himself in a bout of fisticuffs. But how intelligent someone is depends on how many informants they have, clearly guys. Battle of the minds. Who deserves the title of "Worlds Greatest Detective"? Batman has had access to more knowledge sources and advanced training methods, that Holmes never had thanks to the era he was based in. Ted Kord is better than Batman, that's all I know. Dam... You work out to get a shape like that... WHY BOTHER??? The simple fact that he can make those things should say who is smarter here. Not really. sherlock held his own against professor moriority in hand to hand, he is capable of defendin himself quite well and lets not forget, holmes{or arthur conan doyle actually} was the inventor of forensic science, without that, bats wudnt be a detective at all, and ofcourse holmes is the true dady of detectives. In Sherlock Holmes' time - Sherlock Holmes. Batman also has a more personal motivating reason for being so driven. Batman vs Sherlock Holmes in a Detective Competition. : originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question.Ask a question, get a great answer. Which famous detective who'd rather kill … yup... just like you "work out"... kinda look like a stick there too me... ive never claimed to be buff, im in shape, you idiot i fight LIGHTER so i have to weigh 150 when im in tournament shape!!!! Batman vs Sherlock Holmes is the twenty-sixth installment ofEpic Rap Battles of Historyand the eleventh episode of Season 2. I'd argue that Batman is the better detective, for a few reasons. Batman's familiarity with the turf nets him the easy-enough win. Oct 17, 2014 #2 Seems fitting I'd have to vote Holmes. It isn't just the resources + technology, Batman has a lot more contacts to lean on when he's in need of information. If we assume Sherlock also has a tech understanding disadvantage, (IE 1900s tech level knowledge rather than 2000s tech level knowledge) then Batman should win. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. You decide. Guy has some crazy skills in the original novels. During the events of War Games Bats implemented a plan that would have him gain control of all the gangs in Gotham. In all fairness, it's hard to pick which one of these two are the world's greatest detective. how does being a present day detective have any bearing on. Yeah, having sources of information is not what's going to matter here. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kinda. This is a battle of intelligence, having moles or gadgets or cash has no bearing on their thinking feats. Holmes is absolutely insane at deduction, I don't even think Batman can match him at that. DC Comics vs Sherlock Holmes! Doesn't Batman have kind of an unfair advantage for number 3? It's time for a detective battle, Who will follow all the clues to victory and claim the title World's Greatest Detective in a DBX! Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. if holmes doesn't have some of those things, it's because he's never needed them. Batman is driven by tragedy while Holmes is driven by mental curiosity. His crime solving time is on par, if not faster, than Batman's even without Batman's resources. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Sherlock also has more experience with the given methodology. You are indeed where you belong. I daresay Batman is much better at getting information out of people and stealthily following people. You decide. Batman vs Sherlock Holmes is a Death Battle by The Irish VS Writer Season 1 Episode 2! sherlock... hes english, and has the advantage of not always having to fight to solve his problems...(aka, the american way). hang on... your countering yourself there.... is austin powers your mom???? 1 Batman: 2 Sherlock Holmes: 3 Dr. Watson: 4 Sherlock Holmes: 5 Dr. Watson: 6 Sherlock Holmes: 7 Dr. Watson: 8 Sherlock Holmes: 9 Dr. Watson: 10 Sherlock Holmes: 11 Dr. Watson: 12 Batman: 13 Robin: 14 Batman: 15 Sherlock Holmes: 16 Dr. Watson: 17 Sherlock Holmes: 18 Dr. Watson: 19 Sherlock Holmes: 20 Dr. Watson: Nice hat, dork. golem370. Sherlock might give batjerk a run for his money. Batman takes it do to being a present day detective although Holmes is probably the progenitor and spawning of all the great detectives we know in fiction. SEASON 4 EPISODE 12! All that being said, I feel this contest extremely close. You are using an out of date browser. Which famous detective who'd rather kill … For the Golden Anniversay issue of Detective Comics (the title which first introduced Batman) the Dark Knight, Robin, Elongated Man, aging hardboiled detective Slam Bradley, and others become embroiled in a plot involving Moriarty's descendants. His ability to use even the smallest details and come to logical deductions is also very realistic. Leaning toward Holmes, but I agree with L. having no business being here. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. T. Triggerhappytel Member. The great detective himself appears at the tale's end. JavaScript is disabled. The great detective himself appears at the tale's end. I don't really know who Hercule Poirot is, but I do know who Batman and Sherlock Holmes are. Z. Zeppu Member. DC Comics vs Sherlock Holmes! Who is a better detective, Batman or Sherlock Holmes? It doesn't take a bazooka that slugs out sonic charges to be labeled as the greatest detective, It's as simple as this as to why Batman is the no.1 detective. He did it quite often with little detriment. Now other detective skills is another matter. Anyways, Sherlock has advantage, but Bat is a better detective overall. If you really pay attention to the laws that have passed and the way things actually work, you know that America is basically a totalitarian nation in disguise, and we're also divided for the most part into two general categories: filthy rich (a tiny minority) and dirt-freaking-barely-making-it poor (more and more, the rest of us). Press J to jump to the feed. Holmes has what, a bunch of street urchins to help him obtain the info he needs. He is a detective. It may not display this or other websites correctly. you just tried to use the wire to explain that holmes needs moles and informants. Batman, while he can solve crimes, is more used to fighting criminals. Otherwise, Batman would win. Welcome to the forums! Who wins? Z. Zeppu Member. This not a actual fight but rather a competition, Batman and Holmes are both tasked with solving the murder of a 6 year old girl, Both have no equipment except magnifying glasses, Bonus round: Watson vs Robin with the same case. In my opinion, Sherlock is better at noticing evidence and drawing inferences from them (both are rather good though). So it's Batman vs Sherlock Holmes - best detective wins. It isn't like Batman's the greatest detective ever. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Which are part of being a detective, which I take it is the second part of the question. I like how L has been almost completely ignored. Batman is somewhat handicapped for not getting to use his giant Batcave supercomputer that he always uses (in the animated series, at least.) You are correct that being in London gives him a slight resource and knowledge advantage, but I don't think it is as large as you assume. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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