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13.8: Structure and Nomenclature of Aromatic Compounds, [ "article:topic", "showtoc:no", "license:ccbyncsa", "program:hidden" ], 13.E: Unsaturated and Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Exercises), To Your Health: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Cancer, Biologically Important Compounds with Benzene Rings, starting material for the synthesis of dyes, drugs, resins, varnishes, perfumes; solvent; vulcanizing rubber, food preservative; starting material for the synthesis of dyes and other organic compounds; curing of tobacco, starting material for the synthesis of many other aromatic compounds; solvent; motor oil additive, starting material for the synthesis of aniline; solvent for cellulose nitrate; in soaps and shoe polish, disinfectant; starting material for the synthesis of resins, drugs, and other organic compounds, solvent; gasoline octane booster; starting material for the synthesis of benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, and many other organic compounds. Chemistry In Your Simple Language. CYP2E1 is involved at multiple steps: converting benzene to oxepin (benzene oxide), phenol to hydroquinone, and hydroquinone to both benzenetriol and catechol. Notice the brackets around the (chloromethyl) in the name. In similar fashion to this catalytic reforming, UOP and BP commercialized a method from LPG (mainly propane and butane) to aromatics. Studies have shown that genotype at these loci may influence susceptibility to the toxic effects of benzene exposure. The current NIOSH definition for an IDLH condition, as given in the NIOSH Respirator Selection Logic, is one that poses a threat of exposure to airborne contaminants when that exposure is likely to cause death or immediate or delayed permanent adverse health effects or prevent escape from such an environment [NIOSH 2004]. These genes may be targets for genetic screening for susceptibility to benzene toxicity. In his 1890 paper, Armstrong represented benzene nuclei within polycyclic benzenoids by placing inside the benzene nuclei a letter "C", an abbreviation of the word "centric". biphenyl (aka diphenyl) at higher temperature: If the raw material stream contains much non-aromatic components (paraffins or naphthenes), those are likely decomposed to lower hydrocarbons such as methane, which increases the consumption of hydrogen. Some 20% of the benzene production is used to manufacture cumene, which is needed to produce phenol and acetone for resins and adhesives. 1 decade ago. [87] Benzene metabolism involves enzymes coded for by polymorphic genes. In 1855, Hofmann used the word "aromatic" to designate this family relationship, after a characteristic property of many of its members. As benzene can cause cancer, NIOSH recommends that all workers wear special breathing equipment when they are likely to be exposed to benzene at levels exceeding the REL (10-hour) of 0.1 ppm. Benzene is hepatically metabolized and excreted in the urine. [34] Some historians have suggested that the parody was a lampoon of the snake anecdote, possibly already well known through oral transmission even if it had not yet appeared in print. The catechol is then metabolized to acetyl CoA and succinyl CoA, used by organisms mainly in the Citric Acid Cycle for energy production. 2 Answers. Smaller amounts of benzene are used to make some types of rubbers, lubricants, dyes, detergents, drugs, explosives, and pesticides. As benzene has a high octane number, aromatic derivatives like toluene and xylene typically comprise up to 25% of gasoline (petrol). [61][62][63] The specific hematologic malignancies that benzene is associated with include: acute myeloid leukemia (AML), aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).[64]. In this process, the xylene stream exiting the TDP unit is approximately 90% p-xylene. [33] This vision, he said, came to him after years of studying the nature of carbon-carbon bonds. (VIII. Although of no commercial significance, many other routes to benzene exist. Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\) shows four examples. To provide a mechanism for the conversion process, Kekulé proposed that the valency of an atom is determined by the frequency with which it collided with its neighbors in a molecule. Pure benzene, for example, oxidizes in the body to produce an epoxide, benzene oxide, which is not excreted readily and can interact with DNA to produce harmful mutations. Benzene reacts with CH3Cl in the presence of anhydrous AlCl3 to form: Option 1) Chlorobenzene Option 2) Benzylchloride Option 3) Xylene Option 4) Toluene (CH3)3C lacks a hydrogen (with an extra hydrogen it’s 2-methylpropane). [48][49][50][51] It is likely that this stability contributes to the peculiar molecular and chemical properties known as aromaticity. It is used primarily as a precursor to the manufacture of chemicals with more complex structure, such as ethylbenzene and cumene, of which billions of kilograms are produced annually. These intermediates and metabolites induce genotoxicity by multiple mechanisms including inhibition of topoisomerase II (which maintains chromosome structure), disruption of microtubules (which maintains cellular structure and organization), generation of oxygen free radicals (unstable species) that may lead to point mutations, increasing oxidative stress, inducing DNA strand breaks, and altering DNA methylation (which can affect gene expression). [37], The cyclic nature of benzene was finally confirmed by the crystallographer Kathleen Lonsdale in 1929. These compounds are called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The purpose of establishing an IDLH value is (1) to ensure that the worker can escape from a given contaminated environment in the event of failure of the respiratory protection equipment and (2) is considered a maximum level above which only a highly reliable breathing apparatus providing maximum worker protection is permitted [NIOSH 2004[77]]. (1867) "Theoretische Betrachtungen und deren Anwendungen zur Systematik der organischen Chemie" (Theoretical considerations and their applications to the classification scheme of organic chemistry). For more information contact us at or check out our status page at X-ray diffraction shows that all six carbon-carbon bonds in benzene are of the same length, at 140 picometres (pm). Many nitro compounds are explosive, most notably 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT). The Nazis used benzene administered via injection as one of their many methods of killing. Plants can synthesize the benzene ring from carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic materials. [86] Benzene causes chromosomal aberrations in the peripheral blood leukocytes and bone marrow explaining the higher incidence of leukemia and multiple myeloma caused by chronic exposure. For many years, it has been known that workers in coal-tar refineries are susceptible to a type of skin cancer known as tar cancer. AlCl3 to give: However, in the 1950s, increased demand for benzene, especially from the growing polymers industry, necessitated the production of benzene from petroleum. In 1872, Kekulé suggested that benzene had two complementary structures and that these forms rapidly interconverted, so that if there were a double bond between any pair of carbon atoms at one instant, that double bond would become a single bond at the next instant (and vice versa). Have questions or comments? Write formulas for aromatic compounds given their names. The compound has a benzene ring (with a propyl group substituted for one of the hydrogen atoms); it is aromatic. Benzoic acid and its salts undergo decarboxylation to benzene. Although some compounds are referred to exclusively by IUPAC names, some are more frequently denoted by common names, as is indicated in Table \(\PageIndex{1}\). The compound is cyclic, but it does not have a benzene ring; it is not aromatic. The affected batches were removed from sale. Centric affinities (i.e., bonds) acted within a designated cycle of carbon atoms. United States Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, an explosion at a China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) factory, Industrial Union Department v. American Petroleum Institute, "Surface tension measurements show that chaotropic salting-in denaturants are not just water-structure breakers", "On new compounds of carbon and hydrogen, and on certain other products obtained during the decomposition of oil by heat", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, "Über das Benzol und die Säuren der Oel- und Talgarten", "On the oxidation of phenyl alcohol, and a mechanical arrangement adapted to illustrate structure in the non-saturated hydrocarbons", "An explanation of the laws which govern substitution in the case of benzenoid compounds". Hydroquinone, benzenetriol and catechol are converted to polyphenols. Several enzymes are involved. [14][15] In 1833, Eilhard Mitscherlich produced it by distilling benzoic acid (from gum benzoin) and lime. [18] Four years later, Mansfield began the first industrial-scale production of benzene, based on the coal-tar method. Charles Mansfield filed for (November 11, 1847) and received (May 1848) a patent (no. These include cytochrome P450 2E1 (CYP2E1), quinine oxidoreductase (NQ01 or DT-diaphorase or NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (quinone 1)), GSH, and myeloperoxidase (MPO). [60] Highly instructive but of far less industrial significance is the Friedel-Crafts alkylation of benzene (and many other aromatic rings) using an alkyl halide in the presence of a strong Lewis acid catalyst. Sometimes, higher temperatures are used instead of a catalyst (at the similar reaction condition). As its toxicity became obvious, benzene was supplanted by other solvents, especially toluene (methylbenzene), which has similar physical properties but is not as carcinogenic. The aromatic products of the reaction are then separated from the reaction mixture (or reformate) by extraction with any one of a number of solvents, including diethylene glycol or sulfolane, and benzene is then separated from the other aromatics by distillation. One way of understanding the carcinogenic effects of benzene is by examining the products of biological oxidation. The risk from exposure to 1 ppm for a working lifetime has been estimated as 5 excess leukemia deaths per 1,000 employees exposed. In heterocycles, carbon atoms in the benzene ring are replaced with other elements. So, it will be 1, 3, 5. The short term exposure limit for airborne benzene is 5 ppm for 15 minutes. Using electrophilic aromatic substitution, many functional groups are introduced onto the benzene framework. The measurement of benzene in humans can be accomplished via urine, blood, and breath tests; however, all of these have their limitations because benzene is rapidly metabolized in the human body. Benzene has been shown to cause cancer in both sexes of multiple species of laboratory animals exposed via various routes. Historically, benzene-like substances were called aromatic hydrocarbons because they had distinctive aromas. [68][69], According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) (2007), benzene is both a man-made and naturally occurring chemical from processes that include: volcanic eruptions, wild fires, synthesis of chemicals such as phenol, production of synthetic fibers, and fabrication of rubbers, lubricants, pesticides, medications, and dyes. Benzene targets the liver, kidney, lung, heart and brain and can cause DNA strand breaks, chromosomal damage, etc. Lv 4. [46] The C–C bond lengths are greater than a double bond (135 pm) but shorter than a single bond (147 pm). [67] IARC rated benzene as "known to be carcinogenic to humans" (Group 1). The reaction involves the acylation of benzene (or many other aromatic rings) with an acyl chloride using a strong Lewis acid catalyst such as aluminium chloride or Iron(III) chloride.

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