best niche fragrances 2018

This vanilla is dressed in dried fruit and smells almost wine-like, a sensation extended by patchouli in the background. In conclusion, it's a passionate, overwhelming and mysterious scent. Simple and charming. Many perfume houses choose these fairs to showcase their latest releases. I also have a little crush on the new perfume launched by Jovoy, Pavillon Rouge, a very liquorish-based fragrance that pays tribute to pirate's stories. This vanilla is dressed in dried fruit and smells almost wine-like, a sensation extended by patchouli in the background. Jacques Fath Iris GrisLiquides Imaginaires Desert SuaveLes bains Guerbois 1978Olfactive Studio Leather ShotMaison Rebatchi Bois d'enfants and Joyeuse Osmanthe, Lucia Remigi editor & author at Fragrantica. Mat Yudov Editor & author of Fragrantica. Honorable mentions:Widian HiliE. It's a great fragrance even for those who dislike chypres. An acidic iris fragrance, it is a true novelty in character and in style. Lover's Tale is on top of my list, waiting for Francesca to release the samples to try it. Elena Knezhevich, Igor Masyukov, Lucia Remigi, Matvey Yudov, Miguel Matos, Sandra Raičević Petrović, Sanja Pekić, Sergey Borisov, Sophie Normand, Violetta Maevska Honorable mentions:Antonio Alessandria FaraMeo Fusciuni Little SongMaison Rebatchi Bois d'EnfantOlfactive Studio Vanilla Shot & Leather Shot & Chypre ShotJacques Fath Tempete d'Automne & Le LodenMiya Shinma Sakura Kimono CollectionThe Harmonist Magnetic Wood, Sergey Borisov Editor & author at Fragrantica. It's evocative of the smell of blood and it has some metallic aspects to it, but you can also see it as a vintage style carnation with some disturbing contemporary notes that you can never identify. A fragrance house dedicated to colognes, … You smell it and think of some very old movie which was restored with such affection and care that it became better than it used to be at its very first showing. It is an abstract, woody-musky molecular cocktail mix of captive materials by Givaudan. BeauFort London paired its fragrance with a gin of the same name (57% alcohol) which the brand is going to produce; the scent is very close to the perfume. A spicy chypre that is a compromise between tradition and modernity, as well as a very textured example of the use of spices. 6% – the drop in overall fragrance sales from 2015 to 2016.. 1% – the sales growth of prestige fragrances.. Rise of Niche and Indie Fragrances. Being so popular and even common, the genre of eau de cologne is certainly capable of amazing us with surprises – not only with unexpected materials, but also with its concentration. Inspired by Chanel, Francesca does not copy, but creates her very own world, different from ours. Etat Libre d'Orange I Am Trash might be the most non-controversial fragrance of the house, except for the controversy that lays in expecting something nasty and rotten from a name like that, and getting this uplifting green apple and rose energy bomb! It was the case with new 401 È Amatrice, a declared eau de colonge, which feels like extrait de parfum. Cap Neroli has become stronger in the new Intense (as it was planned,) and also sweeter and even intoxicating due to the use of absolutes of orange flower, patchouli and beewax. Housed inside an unforgettable bottle is this niche fragrance, the most popular ever created by the House of Creed. A golden perfume of white florals (mainly jasmine and ylang ylang) composed by Stéphanie Bakouche that is simply the best scent in the Comporta line. Spices are blended to a leathery evolution, that fits very well with tobacco. Its bright and natural citrus motif is so cozy nestled in its aromatic green-woody base, that it keeps teasing us, being familiar and so surprisingly complex, and very long-lasting. If you can smell the perfume of a person wearing perfume without being close to them, it means that their perfume has very excellent and strong sillage.

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