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LOW CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY NUMBER! One reason the Gold Maple Leaf Coin is so popular is because it is offered in a wide variety of weights. Each coin is only recognized as legal tender. Contact us or view our privacy notice. In 1999, RCM’s refinery, one of the most technically advanced and respected Gold and Silver refineries in the world, became the first to achieve 99.999% fine gold purity. Essentially, since 2018, the RCM has surpassed all other precious metal counterfeit defense systems with its use of Bullion Digital Non-Destructive Activation (DNA) Anti-Counterfeiting Technology. Pure Silver Coin - Rhodium-Plated Incuse Silver Maple Leaf – Mintage: 5,000 (2020), 1 oz. In fact, Canada was the first country to issue a standard gold coin. Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Between 1979 and 1982, the coins were just .999 in purity but then in 1982 the RCM produced the world’s first 99.99 fine 24-karat gold bullion coin. Order... Love 3 oz. This one's rhodium-plated and double-INCUSE-ive. Canadian Gold Maples were designated “non-circulating bullion coins” by The Royal Canadian Mint Act of 1985 and under the Canadian Currency Act of 1985 they were established as legal tender with a face value of 50 Canadian Dollars, backed by the Canadian government. - 1/2 oz. Her name was engraved around the rim as “Elizabeth II” and accompanied by a shortened “D.G. Your 2020 platinum coin is enhanced with rose-gold plating. The maple leaf—centerpiece of the coin’s design— is beautifully rendered in lifelike details: intricate texture, crisp borders, sharp veins, and deep shadowing. coins in 1979 was surpassed with 1.215 million coins in 1980. One reason the Gold Maple Leaf Coin is so popular is because it is offered in a wide variety of weights. Selling for multiple millions, to date there have been five confirmed orders have been placed by collectors. 99.95% Pure Platinum Coin – Maple Leaf Forever – Mintage: 250 (2020), O Canada! This one's rhodium-plated and double-INCUSE-ive. 99.999% Pure Gold Coin - Rhodium-Plated Incuse Gold Maple Leaf – Mintage: 350 (2020), Pure Silver 5-Coin Fractional Set - The Canadian Maple Masters Collection - Mintage: 250 (2020), 1/2 oz. 6-coin Series - Parliament of Canada (2020), 1/2 oz. This image depicts Her Majesty at the age of 64, wearing the royal diadem. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is 99.99% pure, equivalent to 24 karats, and contains no base metals. A traditional right-facing portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse of the Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin every year. These radial lines on Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins are engraved to precise specifications of width and pitch, providing a powerful defense against counterfeit reproduction. The symbol first appeared on the Canadian flag in 1965 in the form of a stylized, red sugar maple leaf. You may unsubscribe at anytime. Pure Silver 6-Coin Subscription (2020), Pure Gold Coin - "W" Mint Mark: Gold Maple Leaf - Mintage: 400 (Winnipeg, 2020), Pure Silver Coin - "W" Mint Mark: Silver Maple Leaf (Winnipeg, 2020), 10 oz. Its purity, weight, and content are guaranteed by the Canadian Government. The obverse of more recent Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins feature simple engravings of “Elizabeth II,” “50 Dollars,” and the year of issue. A Masters Club member benefit! Designed by British artist, sculptor, and coin and stamp designer Arnold Machin, this bust was used on all British coins until 1984, New Zealand Coins until 1985, and Australian coins until 1986. The RCM uses master tooling and meticulous machining processes that have been calibrated to within microns, ensuring that the pattern is exactly reproduced with every single die and on every single coin. They are released annually by governmental decree. Order the series today. The exact number of Canadian Gold Maples minted each year varies. It is the only weight to have ever been removed from the series after introduction. 87% SOLD! The value of gold has continued to rise steadily over time. Occasionally, the RCM has issued the Gold Maple Leaf with .99999 pure gold content; these issues are strictly limited to special editions and never used on the standard gold bullion coins issued annually. Later that year, when the Gold Maple Leaf’s purity was increased to .9999 purity, a ¼ oz and 1/10 oz coin were introduced. Also, the coin’s high gold concentration makes it one of the most valuable gold coins in the world. Upsized to fit a 2 oz. We publish our prices online. If you would like to make the Canadian Gold Maple the next piece of your collection or investment portfolio, Provident Metals has several options - including varying weights and denominations for your choosing. Since then, the Mint has provided more options for gold investors. Each variation differs in size and face value, from the standard $50 1 oz coin to the smallest worth $0.50. © Copyright 2020 Provident Metals Corp. All Rights Reserved. Pure Gold Coin – The Classical Maple Leaf – Mintage: 175 (2021), Pure Silver 5-Coin Maple Leaf Fractional Set - Our Arboreal Emblem: The Maple Tree - Mintage: 3,000 (2021), 3 oz.

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