cheapest alcohol to get drunk

These are the best ways to have an amazing (and cheap) pre-drinks before a night out: Get this bit right and you're sorted for the night. mandalay rum in myanmar is the cheapest, that i know, and also very good, around 3 us dollar, some years ago, for 1 liter. Hands down the cheapest we have found as well!!! Sticking to the punch can help you avoid opening too many bottles during the night and losing track of how much you've had to drink. And while you're at it, make sure you've got a music speaker all charged and ready to go! Cape Town Warsaw Belgrade Tortola What's the secret to a cheap night out? Buenos Aires was a fantastic bargain for a long time, but runaway inflation has changed all that, and it's probably in the middle category now. I took £20 out with me and i… Kathmandu, Goa, At the risk of sounding like your parents, getting drunk to oblivion never ends well, won't win you any friends (not any you want to keep anyway) and can be pretty dangerous. Bruges, And a lot cheaper than Thailand. Bonaire, It makes you realise how much of your money is usually going to taxes. In both countries, liquor is also quite cheap if you avoid the brands you've heard of. Chicago, Salzburg, These super cheap brews aren’t all that great – but they are the ancestors to modern beer. Amsterdam Marrakech In qingdao (and i would think most citiea in china) a 2.5l of chinese white wine, abojt 50-60%, is around 25-30yuan (4-5 usd) . But I don’t want to drink palm wine, Lao Lao or millet beer. China Martinique If that sounds too slow for you then you'll be happy to know they also produce (and consume great quantities of) gin and rum. In Budapest it's a similar situation, where places with English-language menus will charge US$2.50 or more for a beer, while the “ruin pubs” and other local joints still charge US$1.50 per pint or less. Ljubljana Aruba London, Lebanon Miami Beach, In Laos, potent local rice-whiskey called Lao-Lao sells for $1 (or less) for a litre – but despite some travellers swearing that it isn’t too bad, our experiences with Lao-Lao showed it to be pretty awful stuff. Lucerne, Updated by Getting a few beers or cocktails in at home before going out will not only get you warmed up for the dance floor, but it'll also save you a considerable amount of dosh in the process. Punta del Este St. Croix, Netherlands Prices at the bottom are for the 2014 Backpacker Index, which includes alcohol in addition to hostels, food, transportation, and attractions in each city. Barcelona, Munich Kas The touristy town just south of the huge complex is Siem Reap, and it's so pleasant that many backpackers come for a few days and stay for a few weeks. Again, you have to follow the locals rather than drinking at hotel bars, and doing so should result in beers that are closer to US$1 than US$2 each. 26 March 2020. But don't book it too early, or you'll end up with a room of hysterical people downing drinks and rummaging around for coats with an impatient taxi driver outside. Guatemala and Panama are among the more popular Central American countries, but really it's the whole area that has bargain drinks, with two exceptions. Hungary Vilnius, Luxembourg What makes Tongba so cheap is that when the mug is dry, more hot water can be added and the process occurs all over again.

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