chocolate pudding recipe with chocolate chips

This time, I didn’t whisk it – just stirred occasionally and it quickly thickened up to normal pudding consistency. I halved the recipe as it’s just me and my hubby and skipped the double boiler, cooked up beautifully in 10mins with lots of stirring with a small wisk. I managed to somehow get lumps in it, but I’m going to blame being incredibly drunk when I made it and not smushing the cornflour into the milk enough. I made this pudding and followed your directions, but it didn’t set after chilling in the fridge. I went back to the comments and read the last half of the comments and noted that several people said to put it in saucepan. Thank you for taking the time to post these mouthwatering fotos…off to make this now! Great recipe! I used Trader Joe’s bittersweet (from a Pound Plus bar), just broke it into squares and added it to the hot milk mixture at about the 15 minute mark. Went for whole milk from Straus Family Creamery and 62% semisweet chocolate from Scharffen Berger for some intensely-delicious-but-local flavor. Deb, the payoff for this simple and quick treat is so huge. I and everyone in my family love this pudding. No, only sadness when you run out sooner. I am trying to get back to cooking dinner at home instead of going out so much or buying ready-made (sick of it!!!). I substituted the chocolate pudding with Godiva chocolate caramel pudding and used one cup of semi sweet and one cup milk chocolate chips. I made this last night, just in a metal saucepan on the stove-top (I have a glass-top electric stove). And I’m not a huge pudding fan, normally! Another time I didn’t add enough cornstarch and it stayed soupy. If you continue to use this site, we’ll assume that you’re happy to receive all cookies. “Some things,” she says when I wax on, conspiring to make my own sourdough starter, yogurt or marshmallows, “are just not worth it.”, Of course, I didn’t listen and dove first into a recipe from someone I adore so much, it broke my heart that I hated the recipe. It was heaven! We didn’t even make it to the end of the 2 hour chill before digging in! I used a large sauce pan and stainless steel bowl for my double boiler and it worked like a dream. Thickness! Looks Delicious. Told my partner I was making chocolate pudding and I was told there was no need to – the last time I made it it was not good! Thank You for a great recipe. So I threw it back on the double-boiler, added about another1/4 cup of corn starch, and cooked it for another 20 minutes or so, and I came out beautifully. I”m sure you’ll find something wonderful. P.S.- I’m soon going to try the avocado pudding! Btw, mine is 2 cups milk, 2 egg yolks (optional), 2 tablespoons cornstarch (make them heaping if you don’t use the yolks), 1/3 cup cocoa powder, ½ cup sugar. I also didn’t use a double boiler & cooked the whole thing in a pan directly over the stove. I had a foray into your pudding pie, and decided I needed another chocolate hit, STAT! Hey Deb, After reading several recipes, I decided on this one because I love this blog and the pictures look so amazing! But at least I did turn out good and I’m happy! Hi! I made it but it turned out way, way too rich. I dumped everything into the pan at once and cooked it on med-low, stirring constantly until it boiled for 1 minute. I have a gluten intolerant friend & I’ve been looking for a pudding recipe without flour that I can use to make a Halloween treat for her upcoming halloween party. They always use the box for the filling. OMG!.. Any idea what I did wrong? No double boiler. SO I made it simpler, more natural, I added in some cocoa, but much more less than 100 g put it in the fridge, waited. thank you. YUM! It worked beautifully and he called it a “religious experience for a chocoholic.” I made it again tonight using the same method, only with chocolate chips that weren’t quite melted enough and solidified when chilled, which only added to the chocolate experience. Check for lumps and remove if needed. Top the pudding with a handful of sliced almonds, too. And for the person who wondered how it would be with low fat milk: I didn’t have whole milk on hand and used 1% and it worked just fine. Thank you for putting up the recipe though! I used dark chocolate and found the sweetness level just right (we don’t like things too sweet). (ok, I had a box, but, blech.) I can’t recall whether she used white sugar or maple syrup back then. I tried this today and definitely a keeper! So, this was a hit, despite it being a little bit runnier than I’d have preferred. Thanks though! Chocolate pudding is a recipe that can be compilcated to the point of not seeing the forest for the trees. This time, my toddler was driving me up the wall, my husband was doing everything wrong, I lost my mind and took it off the stove too early. Going to serve it with raspberries on top. I’ve read it! mmmmmmmm i love chocolate pudding my mum makes the best. I do like the toasted milk taste. :) I already told him that our children (when we have some) will grow up on this recipe. Thanks for this delicious recipe! It is very good, and light to boot, but this is yummier:). Either way, it’s absolutely yummy. We added an extra tablespoon of corn starch so it would set well as a pie, but we probably didn’t need it. Thanks. Keep it going. I love tapioca, so I substituted pearl tapioca for cornstarch. I used Lindt 60% mild chocolate and it was the best. Yup, me too, that’s about how I make chocolate pudding. i made this with %64 Valrhona chocolate w/orange. We eat it warm. Seriously, this pudding recipe was so silky smooth and the depth of chocolate flavor was amazing! I love it for those times when you just need a bite of something to satisfy a sweet/chocolate craving (although I can’t really stop at one spoonful of this deliciousness). I make only one modification though: I use soy milk in lieu of the whole milk because my husband cannot have dairy milk. Thickened right up to perfection! Used 3-1/4 oz. Also love this recipe. This is a keeper recipe for me. The pudding needs to cook on low until it’s visibly thickening. It’s so nice that there are no eggs in it. I toss in a few pieces from the extract jar, which add a nice little bit of vanilla beany crunch to the final product. For those who don’t have a double boiler, you can make one with a saucepan with 2″ of gently simmering water and another bowl on top (caution: you may want to wear oven mitts when handling the bowl on top since it tends to get hot). I will check out the rest of your recipes. Beat in the pudding mix until combined. There is a hint of coconut and it so rich and creamy. It was that unmistakable chocolate taste I loved as a child and haven’t outgrown. I used rice milk and yogurt instead of milk, rice flour instead of corn starch. aaaaaaaaah. It’s just that your recipes are so well-written and easy-to-follow (also the comment section is incredibly, almost weirdly, helpful). Sorry I changed so many things. I was just looking for a chocolate pudding recipe for this coming Sat. The first time I added cornstarch to the fat like it was flour was disastrous, but did some research and found the water trick. The pie went in about three seconds at my in-law’s house. I just had gum graft surgery and I can only eat squishy foods.Thank goodness I found this recipe because it is single-handedly keeping my calcium intake at an appropriate level. Tonight, however, I really wanted chocolate pudding… so I came back to find this recipe again. Do you have an easy meringue recipe? I wish, however, that I had decided to go with ordinary chocolate instead of cooking chocolate… tastes so much better. A splash of Grand Marnier would also be nice ;) This was absolutely delicious and I will definitely try this again. I make this recipe often and have never used the stovetop, ONLY the microwave!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I add it last in this recipe, and keep stirring until it has thickened. This was fantastic! Can this recipe be tripled? Question though – if you use egg yolks as emulsifiers (much like you would in making a custard), can you leave out the cornstarch? Hi! Fantastic as usual-lovely photos and totally fun to read-keep up the good work! This was delicious and hit every nostalgic spot. – after 5 minutes of stirring in vain, I put aside the double boiler and replaced it with a pan. I followed the recipe exactly but my pudding never set and is still soupy after 2 hours being in the fridge…. Also added a few drops of almond extract and a couple dashes of cinnamon. I can’t wait to try you vanilla pudding recipe next. Even with Nestle chocolate chips! I heated it for 4 minutes in friend’s microwave and it was fabulous! I can make this with our lactose-free organic milk that we have recently discovered in Whole Foods!!! I NEED PUDDING POPS. Stir slowly into the hot mixture. I used some mexican chocolate wedges and a mixture of 1% and evaporated canned milk. beast. Nothing’s hindering me!” and cooked it. Cooked in 10-15 minutes and got nice and thick. Gave it just the right amount of orangey kick. Cant eat the corn! I gave it a boost with a sprinkle of Medaglia d’Oro Espresso powder added with the vanilla. Oh but with an egg, you wouldn’t want to try the 3 days version – better eat it the same day. News flash from the front! Don’t write this site off so quickly, it’s a gem :). Well, my pudding is now cool enough to eat, so….

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