dead rising 3 weapons locker list

There's sort of a "charges" bar at the bottom of each category with a different number of charges depending on the category. Once you pick up the item, it then will be stored in your locker. Orange DLC items are paid, promotional, and/or Challenge event DLC/content. Be sure to take out the red drones because they drop the drone turret. Sawed-off Shotgun. He seemed to release the red drones when the chase got to the bottom right city. Not many but a few. In fact, all you really need is the frequently found bladed weaponry + flare gun and 1-2 food items for some bosses. However, weapons locker has a supply bar which limits how many weapons can be spawned at a given time. It's next to Big Buck. Mayonaise: There is a restauraunt that you see as you exit the first garage, it is across the street and would be to your left as you leave the garage (had mustard too which I needed). There is a main story mission at this location. I skipped that first side mission. Another form of weapon found in Dead Rising 3 are Vehicles. If memory serves me right, I believe the boots are in the back building, in a secondary room/office. Fancy Street Light Top - Go to the wealthier section (upper right corner of the map, sorry I don't know the names well) Find a lamp post and then hit it with a car or explosion. Compiled from below replies. Shotgun. These are known as Combo Vehicles.. For Dead Rising 2, see Dead Rising 2 Weapons The Official Dead Rising Guide lists 141 weapons in Dead Rising, not including the vehicles or the bicycle. Flare Gun. Not only can vehicles be driven, but Nick can create combo vehicles by combining two vehicles together. For Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How does the weapon locker work? Also remember to pick up anything you find at least once so that it goes in the locker. The dude that has RC copters after you from his secure bunker. Sandwich Board - A lot of stores will have a fold-out sign (or a sandwich board) in front of them. Handgun. There is a parking gate barrier behind the Rojo Diablo Mexican restaurant in Sunset Hills, it is off to the right when you enter the city from the south. There's a couple building marked as Big Buck, the one you're looking for I think is near the freeway. The weapons locker can be used by Nick Ramos to see all of the different weapons he has used and made. This locker is sometimes incorrectly named "weapon locker". POLEARM: Street Light Bulb (Name according to posted weapons list on here) Does anyone know where this is? Being that I hate the DLC, I will not be updating this checklist anymore. You need to knock it off of there before you can pick it up. Super Combo Weapons are advanced weapons build by combining a larger number of items. Anything picked up, clothing, weapons, objects used for combo weapons end up in the locker. It's not unlimited though. Ketchup - Restaurants. I might help you out dude. Nice job, I need to get the volleyball, street light bulb, a missing polearm from your list and a blunt weapon. Neon Sign - Two for Twenty (sells sunglasses) store in South Almuda. Still looking for Ghetto Street light Top, last one I need and have looked all over. Here is a list of Firearms in Dead Rising 3. The Weapons Locker is a locker found in Safe Zones. For a detailed list of what DLC items come from what pack/challenge, visit this thread:, ----------------------------------------------. If you find a safe zone, you can access weapons in the weapons locker as well. This locker contains all unlocked and found weapons in Dead Rising 3. Dead Rising 3 Complete Item Checklist. Where is the chainsaw for the mission where you have to make a combo weapon for the guy in the freezer? But it's not just about combining random weapons. Two for Twenty (sells sunglasses) store in South Almuda. What is the best strategy for distributing player attribute points? Each time you craft one blue bar goes away. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. What happens if survivors die in your party ?? There are several categories for vehicles: Two Wheels, Four Wheel (Large), Four Wheel (Small), Construction (Large), and Construction (Small). From the first garage you start at, go North and there is a fast food place across the street. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. These means of transportation are more strong, powerful, and more co-op ready than regular vehicles in the game. Dead Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. What happens if survivors die in your party ?? Actually depends on difficulty, on normal you get 8 bars I think, nightmare you get 6. The Disco Shoes are at a place called "Pumps" according to a google search.. though I honestly can't remember where that is in the game. If the locker hadn't been in the game then I would do what I did in DR2 which is use LMG, blade weapons, and craft easily accessible blade combo weapons. While most vehicles can do serious damage on their own, blueprints can be found for Combo Vehicles. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There is also one on the north end of the cemetery in Inglton. These are known as Combo Vehicles. Paintball Gun. X-Buster - Beat Nightmare mode, including Overtime mode. Actually depends on difficulty, on normal you get 8 bars I think, nightmare you get 6. For those wondering the dead blow mallet was in fireworks store on the counter in South Almuda. You can also refill the ammo in your current weapon by visiting a locker. There are several categories for vehicles: Two Wheels, Four Wheel (Large), Four Wheel (Small), Construction (Large), and Construction (Small). You'll have to clear all the zombies inside the house and the icon will turn green and it will say something like "Safe House Cleared. Dead Rising 3 is a 2013 survival horror game developed by Capcom Vancouver. I'm at big Buck and there's no open store next to it on either side. Not really sure, I bought the $89.99 bundle -- digital on the Xbox Store... came with Season Pass and other stuff. Street Light Bulb: On the center of the northernmost bridge there is a row of lights, knock one down and the Street Light Bulb falls out. Pay Phone - They are in most places, just look for pay phones on the sides of buildings or on the street. It will be on the side walk. Each time you craft one blue bar goes away. It's the building across from the strip club in Ingleton, the one that looks more like a military base then a taxi company. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Dead Rising 3: Weapon Combo Tips Because sometimes one weapon simply isn't enough to fend off a horde of zombies. Big D's Gun: There is a mission where you meet Big D. In the end you can choose to take him out, if you do he will either drop his gun, or you will find it in the room he unlocks for you. What is the best strategy for distributing player attribute points? It's easy! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can't get a car into the area) Your looking for a large blue sign featuring a map on it. I believe the urn is in the graveyard building you come to when you go threw the sewer, as for the sandbag/punching bag i believe my friend found that on in a gym since it looks more like a punching bag rather than sandbag. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. (For maximum PP bonus/Gain). How do I find and investigate the tragic endings? Continue up that road until half way up the hill and on your left there will be a hardware store. Thanks. Yea, I need to find that one as well, anyone have any idea? I don't see the issue. It will remain in your active inventory. "Are you going to bark all day, little doggie, or are you going to bite?" Ok, I can confirm 100% you will find an urn in the mayors house. What is the best strategy for distributing player attribute points? It's beside an alleyway that goes behind the garage. How do I find and investigate the tragic endings? Also need Ghetto Street light Top and street light bulb. You have to break the phone first to be able to grab it. I found the spotlight in a few strip joints. Then it need to recharge. Exactly what I was looking for THANKS!!!!!!!! Weapon Ingredients Chapter Blueprint Location Weapons Locker No. It is the third main game in the series. Sandbag is in SPORTRANCE in Central City; it's the sports store near the safe zone. If you are missing an item, another player can take it out of their locker and drop it on the ground for you to pick up. Then it need to recharge.

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