difference between public relations and propaganda

Delivering false information or twisting facts to influence the public’s attitude toward a cause, an idea or, usually, a political agenda falls under the definition of propaganda. Some work for business, some for politicians. Public Relations is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and understanding between an organisation and its publics. How Press Releases Help SEO - Proof Provided! Public Relations vs. propaganda – what’s the difference? There are black propaganda (helping Natzi rise to power/or more recent Trump election campaign), grey propaganda and then there is white propaganda (the most common type), which is a gentle persuasion truthfully stating its origin – comings from an identified source.White propaganda is indeed what PR practitioners do. Like propaganda, PR is systematic, serves to achieve set goals and involves management of perceptions. [Whitepaper] 50 Crucial Statistics for Industry Professionals. ( Log Out /  I’m sure a PR specialist would find words that spin this truth in a way more favorable to them and their profession, however. Propaganda is associated with helping the Nazis rise to power. E.g.When an organization is facing a controversy, a PR campaign may be put together in order to address the issue and restore the company’s reputation. The Full Collection of the History of Public Relations in PDF Format as an Instant Download. Like propaganda, PR is systematic, serves to achieve set goals and involves management of perceptions. Rather than take offence at an opponent, you give him a hand – you’re up to something “in the PR style.”. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Propaganda is generally an appeal to emotion, not intellect. They ACCUSE each other of “doing PR” and pulling public opinion’s leg…, They talk about you in the media – that must mean you “do PR.” You turn your attention away from uncomfortable topics, publicizing issues less troublesome instead – note, this is PR! But then again, we would have to raise a discussion on propaganda itself. In fact, Pope Gregory XIII first used the word when he created a program to educate priests on how to educate and engagethe public. Polish politicians very loosely use the term “Public Relations”, not explaining what they actually mean by that. My name's Natalia and I'm the face behind Nat's PR Scribbles! More significantly, organizations that employ propaganda are engaging in one-way relationships where press agency and publicity are used to form public opinion and garner support, whether you agree with the issue or not! Today’s public relations activities mostly involve two-way relationships. Something that made clear to me where PR gets its bad reputation from…and showed how Public Relations’ potential gets wasted. Organizations that engage in two-way relationships almost always: Another vast difference between public relations and propaganda is that the information that is disseminated as a part of public relations activities is almost always based on research and is factual—no spin at all! Propaganda is often uses manipulation to gain support and then control over public opinion regarding history, politics and government, i.e. The means of communication may change, but the purpose is the same: the art and science of changing the belief and actions of people by giving them massive doses of information, misinformation and disinformation. Change ). This is why PRs have professional bodies, like CIPR or PRCA, which outline guidelines for practitioners to do their job the best, most ethically they possibly can. By the way, ironic, isn’t it?

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