fishing line for guitar strings

between 2.5 and 26 gauge. Unless you use it for both fishing and as banjo strings. good example of how web page should be. No. I notched it to suit the string diameters and gave Lenny what unfortunately proved to be a lifetime supply of that line. greenhorn - Posted - 01/26/2010:  06:28:10. The one I recommend most is 10 gauge Grand Max. Address it to Fan Tao, their director of research. I'm playing a banjo with steel strings a whyte laydie tone ring, and Feo's banjo is at least as loud!By the way, I have D'Addario steel strings on my favorite Shakespeare graphite rod and Shimano reel, and there is a noticeable buzz when I hook a bass larger than 2 lbs. Most of the strings sold for guitar and lute seem to be produced as fishing lines. The result was the development of a much more reliable and trouble free E, B and G string for the concert classical guitar and a marked increase in the cat population..(just kidding about the cats. Have others using fishing line observed the same brightness of tone (perhaps aka, "sweetness")? I do not know about classical guitar strings, but I do know good fluorocarbon fishing line makes good uke strings, that's all that Worth, Fremont, Martin (the new) and any other uke strings really are. I use 3 gauges of the Seagar premier for my 2nd through 4th strings on my 13 string Dresden guitar (1st is a nylon E for a thicker diameter and the rest are wound). What do you think of the answers? Nylon Guitar strings are made in such a way that they hold their tension for … Well, I'm the one who did Ind. Even in the smallest commercial quantities, fishing line spools provide ample enough line, and that line lasts so long on a banjo, that you'll probably be set for life. I got mine for between £2 and £5 ($3 and $7.50 roughly), and with 75m on a spool, thats a lot of strings!2. In the end I bought some different thickness carp fishing line . Fishing line sounds interesting. Fishing lines made of nylon and fluorocarbon can be used as . 20 gauge ; 0.740mm diameter I have trouble imagining that nylon strings are a strain on anyone's finances. These strings could also work for a full standard scale length tuned to standard G. 1st and 5th strings: 20 lb test Trilene XT (#XTVS20-22) .018" green line. If you have any luck how about letting us know and post some information about you and your instruments. Try a different tuning Btw, Don, that recording of "Maggie" is very very nice. 200 yard spools ought to last several years. Technically, if you can put it on there and get it tuned right without breaking you can use it, but I certainly wouldn't do it on my guitar unless I had no other option and absolutely had to play it. I bought: Premier 0.62mm E string 0.70 B string 0.78 G string (The E is perfect diameter G and B are a bit thin but still acceptable) 3 gauge ; 0.285mm diameter, DUEL (H.D carbon, polymer shield) If you are walking in a fishing supply store with 26 gauge   You cannot paste images directly. But I do think over time (how much time I am unsure of) fishing line gets brittle. (silver scale) is rather soft and stretchy, which may make this It is different from NylGut, certainly, and I'll continue to use NylGut, because I like the tone, but the fishing line was a worthwhile experiment, for the following reasons:1. They carry a few lines of Seaguar and have been introducing new The tone continues to be loud, clear and sweet, and based on how the strings still look, I have no expectation that I'll need new strings on this banjo for years to come.I've not compared these fishing line strings in tone with Nylgut, which is probably the Cadillac of strings for classic banjos today, but I have compared them with both high and low tension nylon (guitar type) strings. available from 0.4 to 30 gauge in nylon. At those line strengths, the fish won't stand a chance! I dont need whole pack and its too expensive. Yes. This is an excellent Im making modern african harps and was told to use standard nylin guitar strings. I suppose you could string it onto the guitar, but there is no way that it would sound even close to correct; and you could damage the guitar. are available at fishing supply shops. ÄEKureha Chemical Industry : Any suggestions?Don. It is a lot cheaper! Steel guitar or mando strings on a uke are a definite NO. The numbers worked out to around 20lb, 30lb, 40lb and 50lb.Look out, Dan Brown...I'll give the fishing line a try - for the price of a couple of sets of NylGuts, I'll have enough fishing line to keep me going for life, and plenty left over to go fishing with, should I wish. It seems to be available between 40 It was invented by Seaguar, a major fishing line company (interestingly, nylon for guitar strings was originally fishing line also). Orange label, 0.3 - 18 gauge are also available But what do I know, maybe they cost a lot more than the steel ones that I buy? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. 16 gauge ; 0.707mm diameter, Seaguar Grand Max (100% fluorocarbon), Kureha obtained them in "Johshu-ya in Hachioji. special attention. They're keepers as far as I'm concerned. Although it's not the original tailpiece that was sold with this banjo, I consider it a very nice part of it.I've also added an original ca. I have a couple of nylon string guitars and I have never broken a string. Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more. In your own opinion, does eating of right food affects the performance of the dancers? that 7stg classical I sold Lenny was made in the big Matsuoka workshop in Japan and was imported by the late George Dauphinais of Springfield IL, who was a real gentleman and a credit to the classical guitar world.   Your link has been automatically embedded. An old spun over rim banjo with a new neck that may be an A-scale. I have a couple of nylon string guitars and I have never broken a string. I've seen posts from some of you pickers who use fishing line for strings. It's designed  ARCHIVED TOPIC: Using fishing Line for strings, Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. I have a couple of nylon string guitars and I have never broken a string. The fish line is smoother, at least to my tactile test.I broke the nylgut 5th string on my Jedson (in the tunnel) and had to replace it w/ one of my fishlines.

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