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So was curious to make … So one medium-size mango should give you 1 smoothie! The mango lassi was mighty delicious. I crave this coconut mango smoothie bowl for breakfast, but I think it would make a perfect snack or dessert after spending a long day outside. It keeps hair and skin healthy and wrinkle-free, while also providing sun protection for those hazy crazy hot days of summer. Both work. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Oat milk is definitely a good milk to use! It’ll be the best smoothie you’ve made and these little tips will make you a smoothie ninja! Umm this looks so yummy. Rate this recipe Yours looks delicious! – I prefer using fruits which are naturally sweet like mangoes, over ripe bananas, peaches, even melons in my smoothies but once in a while when you need to, add an extra dash of honey. A healthy mango smoothie with avocado is a tropical smoothie recipe! These ingredients perfect combine become a tasty smoothie. Our Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans have been created for families that are looking to stop stressing in the kitchen and get healthy the easy way! Any type of mango will make a delicious lassi! Blend until smooth. Frozen mango: Frozen mango is easy to find at your local grocery, and easy to store. The tartness of the yogurt and lime are balanced perfectly by the full bodied tastes of the mango and coconut milk. I’ve picked up their love for food along the way, and with this blog, I share my food story with you. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Finding the perfect mango is just as rewarding as slicing into a perfectly green avocado. Blend until smooth. My 4 year old says this was way better than our local restaurants version! Always serve smoothies immediately. Coconut Yogurt: adds some creaminess and healthy fat to the smoothie. Tips, recipes & secrets to transform your lifestyle. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Besides, they don’t require special equipment or advanced cooking skills, just a regular blender. Coconut yogurt and lime add tanginess to replicate the flavor of the more traditional dairy-based versions. You can also throw in a banana in this smoothie. What do you guys think? It does not just add texture to the drink but is also very healthy. Mango Smoothie Bowl Downshiftology. Any ideas? This Healthy Vegan Frozen Peach Mango Smoothie makes for a great way to have those fruits and uses coconut milk instead. When eating out, I’m often unable to enjoy the chai latte and mango lassi on menus because they contain dairy. I am definitely going to try it. If I’m honest, the colourful straws are my favourite part of drinking smoothies ???? Best when fresh, feel free to keep the smoothie in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Coconut is mighty for anti-ageing! Use so many of your recipes daily. Vegan Cinnamon Roll Smoothie. Just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes required for this sweet, creamy smoothie. Fresh mango is great when it’s available! If using fresh fruits instead of frozen, add 8-10 ice cubes while blending for a cold, delicious smoothie! To remove the fleshy part around the pit, place the mango pit on a cutting board and carefully peel the skin with a pairing knife while stabilizing the mango with your non-dominant hand. This is really creamy and delicious! Yay! It contain medium-chain fatty acids, which help boost metabolism and increase fat loss. An example of a more traditional mango lassi recipe would be this one by Manjula’s Kitchen. Read more... Rose flavored Coconut ladoo is a popular Asian dessert made with rose syrup and fresh or desiccated coconut. We got back from Mangalore this morning, where we were celebrating Denver’s grandma’s 85th birthday yesterday. Delicious! We’re so glad you enjoy it, Laura! Serve this Mango shake immediately. Use a powerful blender if possible. I have used flax milk to make this vegan shake, but you can use any dairy or non-dairy milk. Serve cold. Thank you. If you try this recipe, let us know! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I’ve missed these so much! You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. They're made with vegetarian mini marshmallows and in just 30 minutes! I’ll definitely try this when I get the chance. I then combine them to make my wholesome smoothies. I used frozen mango and added some maple syrup, and I could taste all the flavors. It was really tangy and refreshing! Required fields are marked *. Besides, if you use frozen mango and a frozen banana, your smoothie will be SO creamy. If you don’t have one, maybe it could be a good idea to add the fruit fresh instead of frozen. And these pictures, they are the first pictureeeesssssss in the new house! But don’t be scared off if you can’t find honey mangoes. Come join me in my kitchen and let me take you on a gastronomical journey. Glad you enjoyed it! Traditionally, it’s served on its own as a refreshing drink on hot days. I'm intrigued by the red pepper jam. This smoothie looks fab and I'm sure it tastes great. Modified: Apr 6, 2020 by Priya. You will need a riped green avocado to make this healthy mango smoothie. All you need to do is pop all of your ingredients into a high-speed blender, and blend away! The frozen fruit just adds that cold element to make an ice-cold drink that refreshes you completely. Serve them as Diwali sweets or for Christmas! Now add the soaked chia seeds and any sweetener of your choice. Enjoy! Hey, I’m Iosune! ★☆ 3 Frozen Bananas ( 10.5oz / 300g) – (previously peeled, quartered and frozen for at least 12 hours). If you use frozen mango chunks and s frozen banana your smoothie will be so creamy, but you can also use fresh mango and a regular banana. The most significant role mangoes play in our health is promoting a balanced digestive system. I picked up some beautiful mangos at the farmers market this week and instantly I also knew a smoothie bowl would definitely be in my future. Check out this tutorial! I love seeing your delicious recreations , Tag @frommybowl on Instagram and hashtag it #FromMyBowl. ★☆ Or you could add some plain or vanilla protein powder? A glass of well made smoothie can keep you full all morning and this one is here to please vegans too! This chocolate mango smoothie is not too rich, so the perfect drink for breakfast, brunch, snacking or on the go. I love to decorate my vegan mango smoothies to make them extra special. Thank you!! This is why, at the onset of summer, I begin craving for Mango Mastani - an indulgent mango milkshake! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Keep in mind, we only share brands and products that are in line with our sustainable and ethical values. Thank YOU for your kind words . I only had kefir on hand so I used that with some leftover coconut cream and a little honey. Hi Dana! You can also subscribe without commenting. ★☆ Whipping up a smoothie for breakfast will help you boost your metabolism first thing in the morning. You can also subscribe without commenting. This recipe is inspired by two classic Indian recipes; golden milk and a mango lassi: This 9-ingredient smoothie is easy to make, and absolutely beautiful to look at! That looks delicious. © Copyright 2019 WonderMamas - All rights reserved. Omg, that looks so tasty. It was delicious! ), and today, we’re taking things in a refreshing direction with a delicious smoothie!. Ingredients 1 cup frozen mango chunks ( 140 g) 1 frozen or regular large banana, chopped 1/2 cup unsweetened milk of your choice ( 125 ml), I used oat milk xo. As it ripens, the mango will turn from a yellow tone to a deep golden color. You will need a riped green avocado to make this healthy mango smoothie. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! It was just what we needed to fill that little spot in our stomachs and settle everything in its place. I’d love to see what you cook! This smoothie looks amazing, I love how you’ve photographed it. This looks so delicious! It looks so creamy and flavorful. We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! Honey has a nutty flavor which sugar doesn’t, which is why it works so well in smoothies. This healthy Popsicle recipe is vegan and keto-friendly. A mango lassi is a creamy mango and yogurt-based beverage originating in northwest India. (only if your mango isn’t sweet enough // if vegan use maple syrup), Add mango, coconut milk (start with a smaller amount of coconut milk and work your way up as needed), coconut yogurt, and lime juice to a. You can also skip adding sweetener if the mango is sweet enough. Edible flowers are my jam for food decorating. Let’s try, it’s both sour and sweet, so amazing! Especially for people like me who hate eating fruits, I feel this is the best way for me to consume fruits. You’re going to use the same amount of mango regardless of whether you’re using fresh or frozen mango. Whoop! I know that name is a little complicated for a smoothie but I’m hoping that after reading this your smoothie won’t be just another smoothie. 5 Savory Oatmeal Recipes for Breakfast when you don’t like it sweet, In grocery stores in the US, you’ll most commonly find Tommy Atkins mangoes. An amount of cinnamon makes this smoothie more attractive. These cookies do not store any personal information. I love playing outside with my boys, so I am not complaining. Before you think about closing the window and decide never to visit this little cooking blog, hear me out. I use about 1 cup of mango per smoothie. The secret to the big mangoes is to pick them by feel, not by color. This green avocado & mango flavored vegan shake is packed with healthy fats & vitamins. It’s:SweetTangyCreamySatisfyingCustomizable& Delicious! This is such a drink that even kids will enjoy. I used frozen mangoes because it’s tough to find ripe ones where I live. These smoothies look great and hope Denver’s grandmother had a lovely birthday. We speculate this smoothie would be delicious frozen as ice cubes or popsicles! I love the endorsement quote! They all loved it!! If you’re like me, this Golden Milk Mango Smoothie will quickly become your newest breakfast addiction. I bet the avocado makes this SO creamy! You know the feeling, right? The best smoothies are the ones that make you feel like you are eating dessert instead of a healthy drink! ★☆. Does the lighting need more work or do you like them as much as I do? All Right Reserved. I love the addition of avocado to a classic mango smoothie! In fact, most of my smoothies are actually vegan. I didn’t have any yogurt on hand so I just used canned coconut milk and a bit of liquid coconut milk from a carton. I also have a large smoothie for lunch or dinner once in a while, especially if I’ve had a heavy meal the day before. I will be sharing it on my Instagram with credit of course ! Vegan marshmallow chocolate cookies are deliciously soft and chewy with gooey centers that will melt in your mouth. ), Sweetener of choice*: 1 tablespoon maple syrup, 1/2 banana, or 1 scoop sweetened vanilla protein powder. BTW here’s an update on the house. This smoothie is best when it’s freshly made, but you can keep it in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 3 days. This mango avocado smoothie surely makes a power-packed breakfast. If you don’t have one, maybe it might be a good idea to add the fruit fresh instead of frozen. The lime and honey also added a nice touch :). Hence make the smart choice, and go make a vegan shake like this one! Very yummy. Feel free to use mango in any form. Great for an afternoon treat. Coconut or Nut Milks also make smoothies naturally vegan which is good news for all my vegan friends out there!

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