gin botanicals recipes

Cassia is more like the “cinnamon” you find in coffee shops and in super markets (usually because it’s actually cassia under a different name), and the bark is much closer to the idealised version of cinnamon than cinnamon bark itself, which is more woody and spiced in nature. 15g of Juniper Berries (break them open using the pestle and mortar) If you do not want this, you would need to distil the Gin. 2. Fragrantly fresh aroma and a verdant note that stirs the senses, Rosemary also adds a savoury tone that’s un-paralleled when looking to make a full, almost Mediterranean style profile. A lot of different Botanicals can be used in Gin, many of them so commonplace that you can find them in your local supermarket or grocery store – i.e. Every flavour journey needs an anchor. You can also add things like lavender, chamomile, rose, rosemary, sage, whatever you like. Prepare a highball glass with a cucumber ribbon wrapped around the inside. - etc. Lemony aroma with a backdrop of deep savoury thyme, this hybrid herb showcases exactly what’s brilliant about the herbal category – multifaceted, multidimensional and which reveals itself in very distinct ways at multiple times during a flavour journey. Pour the gin and tonic over ice and watch the colour-changing magic happen. 03-07-2020 Fine strain and serve over ice in tumbler. Warm, voluptuous and deep citrus tones are in abundance in this distillate. 2. When used in a classic gin ensemble it adds a prolonged heat to the finish, but when used in tandem with apricots it can appear more soothing than fiery. Juniper is both piny and woody, giving a forest-floor-like impression on the aroma and a pine needle impression to taste. Blueberries have mischievous flavour qualities; sometimes there are so faint they are a but a brief burst of juice, while other times they are tart and citrus like, or have notes that are more akin to apples. Because juniper is in the herbal category, a 'herbal core' is the very soul of gin. As expected from this specific blend, bergamot drives the front of the flavour journey, while black tea leaves add a depth to the distillate. To ensure it combines well with other distillates, we’ve erred on the side of fresh and bright as opposed to sweet and sticky, as doing so allows the user the choice for the botanical to be the backdrop or the star protagonist of their creation. In an Essential Oil Still you can use the Botanical Extension. Less is More. From the soft, hay-like tones of dried elderflower, to a sickly sweet perfumed edge, reminiscent of a mid-summer’s evening in the garden when the flowers almost seem to drip their full fragrance into the air. As a base note to unpin proceedings, Tonka brings an exotic touch, but when used as a central accompaniment to the likes of juniper, delivers an impossible to place multi-dimensional aura that’ll have you recounting memories and imagining ingredients that are not actually there. The other way is to steep or macerate the botanicals while they are in a bag, and then during distillation, suspending this bag in some way so it hangs in the liquid, but does not touch the bottom or the elements. Add The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Elderflower Gin Liqueur, lemon juice, white wine, a tsp white sugar and 4 mint leaves into your highball. Shake over ice, strain into a glass filled with ice and garnish with a sprig of fresh basil. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to be expressive and put a bit of your own personality into a bottle. Muddle lavender with lemon and liqueur, add other ingredients (except tonic) and shake with ice. You can use them to make bespoke spirits for cocktails, or train your senses to identify specific flavours. 15-01-2020 07:04:11, Quality Home Delivery Service - Local & Abroad, Complete Distillery Installation Service - Local & Abroad, Complete Quality Distillery Commissioning, Distillique's Corona virus and COVID-19 Policy, 0.5X = Coriander amount in Grams (half the amount of Juniper), 0.1X = Angelica, Cassia, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Bitter Almonds, Grains of Paradise, Pepper, Cubeb Berries, etc. Let the diluted Gin rest for about 2 to 3 weeks. With many shared compounds, angelica acts as a support to juniper and coriander seed and is essential as an ingredient when looking to build the core of a gin. W4 - ONLINE Infused Spirits Course (Gin and Botanicals, Spiced Rum). The tannic qualities of the leaf are not in abundance, but they provide a clear lingering sensation that endures in a long finish. When mixed into a G&T or cocktail, the flavours will emerge much farther down the line. Use seasonal botanical garnishes such as local flowers in summer or herbs in winter. Once distilled, honey no longer has the viscosity of its raw state, though the sweet, waxy elements are just as clear to taste. Whether you’re cooking up a recipe from scratch or adding a dash or two of your favourite flavours to enhance a G&T, these distillates are a great way to get to grips with how flavours work once distilled. The sweet, full mouthfeel is the lesser spoken about asset of the botanical. Many of these Gins with larger numbers of Botanicals have however been criticised that this is done more for marketing reasons and that the Gins themselves either lack direction, or that the unique Botanicals that consumers want to taste becomes undetectable. Shake … This provides both a bright, zesty orange hit to the aroma as well as the rich, softer texture of actual orange segments to the mouthfeel. It is however much easier to control the flavour profile of your product through Vapour Infusion opposed to Infused Distillation, as with Infused Distillation the flavour profile changes throughout the run as different compounds come out of the still at different temperatures. The degree of freshness of the botanicals, the type of botanicals, the level and method of crushing, the method of Infusion, etc. Other than providing a big bouquet on the nose, rather strangely - the rose distillate can also be used in tandem with spices such as cubeb or cardamom to provide a floral dimension to the finish of a gin too. The fresh peels give the distillate a distinct, tart edge to both aroma and initial taste. For the core Gin ingredients like juniper and coriander seed, we've made them available in 500ml sizes also.

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