grove of the burnwillows cycle

$0.49, English I'm pretty sure those are willow trees. Grove is 11. Treetop Village (colored), Stalking Stones (colorless), Utility Lands: e.g. "I have plenty of mana in general but not the right type. 1. form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. If any such thing is printed, I would expect them to be perhaps the Pain Lands (which has a penalty for each use) or Alara Triple Lands (for novelty). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. On the art of the original Grove of the burnwillows the trees are completely lit. In OP defense, those are CLEARLY weeping willows and they CLEARLY have a some type of burning going on. I think after seeing the popularity of the INN Enemy Lands, they may bring those into the Core Set for a year or two. Could even be BUG three color thing. - If so, will the rest of the allied lands cycle follow? Tinder Farm, Abandoned Outpost, Rainbow Land (one): e.g. Sweet art though! Do you mind explaining how these would be too good/hard to balance? The Names lend themselves to be used in a coreset as well so no harm there. Speculat(e/ing) A River of Tears cycle would be even more interesting, I think. It doesn't seem like a basic swamp. It is Arthurian meets Grimm Fairy tales, so there is a better than not chance we will get at least 1 talking tree or so. Pikesville, It would be way, way too good as it doesn't cost you life and doesn't ETB tapped. The ability to sacrifice it if you don't need it to draw a card is very nice, powerful but not too powerful. It would be an interesting contrasting set of cycles to be sure. Soooo much synergy with shocklands. Maryland, English I would totally run both cycles in my EDH deck if they were given the same treatment as Graven Cairns in Lorwyn. - Because I would love to see treefolk comeback! (Admittedly, Graven Cairns was in an actual set, but anyways.) Broadly, I see the possibilities as a mix-and-match of the following categories: Man Lands: e.g. Rumors are abounding right now with the supposed rumors that M14 may not have the same cycle of taplands again. 91. It has synergy with the shocklands, so I wouldn't rule it out in M14. Your question has been answered, but I wanted to add that I think it's been said that Burnwillows cycle won't be completed because they don't want to have to balance around the ability to give your opponent life. Bojuka Bog (colored), Leechridden Swamp (colored), Quicksand (colorless), Fetch Lands: e.g. Each opponent gains 1 life. This land would be great in all-in Twin (replacing Sulfur Falls), Gifts Tron (replacing shocks and scars lands), Melira Pod (replacing scars lands), kiki-pod (replacing 1 grove and the 2 filters), boggles (replacing scars lands), etc. I think Nimbus Maze is the cycle to go for. The card could easily also be [[fire-lit thicket]]. I think the argument is this plane has burnwillows, so perhaps there will be other cards that reflect that. "I want to play a spell that costs UU, and I can't cast it even though I have an Island in my hand and a dual land in play.

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