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6 String; 7 String; 8 String; 9 String; 10 String; String Locks; ABOUT ; RESOURCES ; DEALER ; PRESS ; VIDEO ; ARTISTS ; CONTACT The first thing you’ll notice about the 5-string B-1005 Multi-Scale will likely be its unusual arrangement of frets. Black TUSQ XL, impregnated with PTFE, the slipperiest substance on earth, alleviates the binding grip the nut has on the strings. One of the key causes of tuning frustration is string binding at the nut. PLAY AGGRESSIVE, SHRED OR BEND STRINGS WITHOUT WORRY! Measuring from the nut to the bridge saddle where the string breaks over on its way to where it is anchored, that length will vary for each string, where normally they kinda look all the same except for the bass side usually being slightly longer for intonation (help put the instrument in tune). With Bl Bass players often report that a multi-scale design is also ergonomically preferential to standard fret designs, and that they feel natural to play, with very little learning curve required. String simply glide back into tune! A multi-scale fret design optimizes string tension so that the lower strings have a longer scale compared to the higher strings, resulting in consistently excellent tone and performance at all points across the fingerboard. LOCKING NUTS AND STRING LOCKS. How does it sound?

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