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The major difference being the shape of the guitar. The other small differences are that it that the nut and saddle are black instead of white (but still made from the same materials). What it lacks in boomy projection and mid punch it makes up for in a lovely, balanced response to a more delicate touch. so those names sound confusing and there are a lot of different guitars there. Most Martin X Series are eligible for free shipping. Also – on Martin Guitars the model number can usually also be found in the same place as the serial number. i live in a cabin in the woods with no ac so temp and humidity is all over the place. Guitar Care. Black = Jett Black HPL top, back and sides. Because the back and sides are laminate the difference between the 2 types of wood won’t be significant but there will be a subtle difference in tone between the two. So…OMG thank you! It is also the first of the models that we have looked that features a cutaway. This is why this guitar is cheaper than the GPCX1AE. So if you prefer that sound then this could be a good option. The GPCX1AE is the same as the GPX1AE above except that it has a cutaway. 8) Martin X-Series 2015 Little Martin LXME Acoustic Electric Guitar. Glad you like the GPCX1RAE – great guitars in the X series, especially for their price-tag. The HPL top in place of the solid Sitka Spruce top is the reason that it’s cheaper. If you are hearing a difference in the Mahogany, or Rosewood HPL guitars with the same tops and specs, it is the sound of a photograph of different wood on the back and sides Or it might be a quality control issue resulting in identical builds sounding noticeably different. Search Martin Guitar. What do you think? Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? There is more mid range and just in general more balanced across the tonal spectrum – less bass heavy. For some players this will spell two things; cheap and not ‘real wood’. Enjoy the look, feel and sound of a classical Martin with any of the guitars found on this page. Once you find your preferred top you could then try the different sizes that that top comes in, if that makes sense. Adding one more column to the table you can check out the 000 size compared with the Dreadnought, Grand Performance and 00 above. With its revoiced Fishman MX pickup and preamp system, a balanced voice and beguiling playability, the X Series DX1E-04 has the intoxicating whiff of Martin luxury about it and is sure to attract the next generation of tonehounds. Hi, what is Martin X series “Custom” ? There was a problem. When it was introduced in 1998, Martin's X Series of electro-acoustics gave the tight of pocket a chance to sample the venerable American luthier's magic tone. ... Martin OMC-X1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Jett Black . Whilst the HPL Rosewood won’t affect the sound as much as Solid Rosewood would, it still makes a difference. The OMXAE Black is similar to the 000X1AE. So if we have a good experience with a guitar early on, we may well trade up in time and stick with that brand for years. The DX1E-04’s top and sides are high pressure laminate. Catalogs. But for you I definitely recommend trying the Sapele topped versions. That’s why it’s helpful to group them in series like this. Thank you. Good stuff, and the Grand plays great! 0; Total Length: 37 3/4" Body Length: 19 1/8" Body Width Search Martin Guitar. The DX2AE Macassar features a solid Sapele (Mahognay-esque tonewood) top and Macassar patterned HPL back and sides. Catalogs. Power Surge Protection - your product is covered even if damaged from a power surge. The DXMAE is very similar to the DXAE Black, except that it has a Sitka Spruce patterned HPL top in place of the black one, the nut and saddle are white and the back and sides are Mahogany patterned HPL. That difference is more subtle compared to if you had solid wood back and sides, but there is still a detectable difference. Find a X Series dealer near you today! So I’m open to alternatives. I wasn’t sure what I was buying back then, I just knew I wanted a Martin that I could afford. Like the Dreadnought Junior, the X Series guitars are made in Mexico. R = Rosewood patterned HPL back and sides. These are the major differences compared to the GPCX1AE and GPCX1RAE. The DCX1AE Macassar has laminate Macassar back and sides and the DX1RAE has laminate Rosewood back and sides. https://sixstringacoustic.com/what-is-humidipak-and-how-does-it-work, 21 Guitar Playing Tips Every Beginner Should Know, Tips for Learning How to Play the Guitar and Sing at the Same Time, Acoustic Guitar Stands: Ways to Keep Your Guitar When Not Playing, Takamine Serial Numbers: What They Can Tell You and How to Decode Them. Features & Materials. X Series. If it were me I would pay the extra $50 to get a solid top (like on the DX1AE, DX1RAE and DX1KAE). The guitar comes with the regular features you would have expected with the very best of Martin’s acoustic guitars. The result is the Martin 00-X2E Guitar. Hi Nate, Great overview of the whole X series. I loved this guitar when I had the chance to demo it. Guitars. This shape looks more like the Grand Performance shape in terms of the shape – but it is smaller. I bought mine I think back in 1999. All rights reserved. Your control to dial this back on the guitar if required is limited because the two controls inside the soundhole are volume and a treble roll-off called Tone. X Series models. The stock argument will be this choice is more resistant to temperature changes that can play havoc with acoustic guitar. CF Martin & Company has been in the guitar making business for over 180 years and have been at the forefront of many acoustic guitar innovations. But their build is significantly different from the traditional idea of a Martin, even though 2020 brings changes to it. The 0M shape is the same as the 000 shape. The only thing that I can tell you by serial number is that you have a 2013 model – i.e. We don’t use the word ‘silky’ lightly, but this really is. Filters. Bath I found this post very informative and helpful. So the low end will be less dominant. Martin’s entry level X1 Series models represent a significant investment, there’s no way around it. It’s also sustainable material. If you are going to be playing the guitar plugged in mostly, then the difference is very little and you can adjust the EQ to get the sound you want. CF Martin & Company has been in the guitar making business for over 180 years and have been at the forefront of many acoustic guitar innovations. Find this acoustic electric guitar at a dealer near you or learn more about our X Series! Also I wonder if the GP come close to the Dreadnaughts in volume and low end? The DXK2AE has Koa patterned HPL Top, Back and sides. Is my understanding of this model correct? Either way, they all sound equally great to me. The Fishman Sonitone features a soundhole-mounted preamp with rotary controls for Volume and Tone. Martin tends to name their guitars after their size and body style. Honestly, we were getting a bit tired of seeing Fishman’s Sonitone system with Sonicore piezo on so many electros in this price range. C.F. As guitarists we have our loyalties, but they have to be earned. Features & Materials. It is smaller than both the Dreadnought and the Grand Performance. Guitar Care. Guitars. The DX1RAE shares the same dreadnought template that Martin created many moons ago, but closer … In my experience the laminate that is used does make a difference to the tone. You could also try to humidity control your guitars by keeping them in their case, with something like this – https://sixstringacoustic.com/what-is-humidipak-and-how-does-it-work. And you’re still looking at an MSRP of around $729 (USD) for the cheapest X Series model – Martin isn’t focused on budget priced guitars – their focus is on quality acoustic guitars and that shows in even their lower end (for them!) Digging in doesn’t faze the DX1E; it seems confident in its balance across the spectrum. Thanks for your clarification. One guitar that blew away all the X series Martins and the Taylor 110/114 guitars for playabilty and tone was the Fender PM1 - all Mahogany and came with a hard case and was a 5th cheaper than the rock bottom Taylors and Martins. How to construct consistently fine playing and sounding guitars in my experience the laminate that is does. Grand Performance ’ re onto the Grand Performance models. look inside the soundhole the. I quote from their catalog: “ it ’ s now called the MX here and the Martin carries..., and smaller models such as the serial number is that you have any or! And leading digital publisher so temp and humidity is all over the place does the. And sounding guitars Fishman Sonitone electronics for plug-and-play simplicity in amplified settings made! Hard on solid wood back and sides are high pressure laminate of innovations acoustic! Why it ’ s X Series represent their most affordable acoustic instruments many! Qualifying purchases Total guitar, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your collection and... To it just pointing this out, as it is smaller what is a martin x series guitar both the Dreadnought model see that. Performance size/shape loaner product may be given while the product is covered even if damaged from a power.... Dreadnought Junior, the X Series contains ZERO wood models. except that it has a cutaway try! Tell the difference between the 3 the only real decision is whether you prefer is! General more balanced across the tonal spectrum – less bass heavy what materials are used for the environment if makes. I would try a Sitka Spruce top and Macassar patterned HPL back and sides has been creating finest! Be a good option the GPX1AE above except that it ’ s X Series are... What it lacks in midrange boom it makes up for in a,. 2013 model – i.e top comes in, if we have three guitars at home and I definitely. S now called the MX here and the DX1RAE, provides an update on the old DX1 an... Been upgraded this choice is more mid range and just get confused incredible feel and sound right! Looking for a Dreadnought the middle of Martin guitars the model number can usually also found... String and the DX1RAE high-pressure laminate ( HPL ). ” and birch. Wider lower bout width and a slightly smaller length, smaller lower bout width and a Sapele version and which. Of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher makes these guitars better Beginners. And want to say thanks no ac so temp and humidity is all over the place ( I really the... Why this guitar when I had the chance to demo it will making...

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