modular study furniture

When constructing your fitted home office furniture, we incorporate stylish designs that integrate fully with the technology you use within the home office. Home office filing and storage can be a stylish part of your home and still fulfil all your storage needs. Both desks and filing cabinets are part of our modular range, so you can get the storage you need from our handsome designs. Another great space for a small built in study is an Alcove. Modular office furniture is excellent for expanding offices, as it can be tailored and styled to meet your office’s needs. You can create your perfect workstation with modular office furniture. Many home offices house confidential information or even sums of money. For example, what you need to put into a modular larder might be a collection of ingredients, cookware and small appliances that is likely to stay steady in the total volume it takes up. You can build the combination that will fit all your paperwork and documents and, as with our modular desk designs, finish your piece in the paint colour and with the finishing touches you prefer. These have room for hanging files, but an upholstered exterior that allows you to select any fabric you love – from our huge collection or that you supply – so you can stash paperwork in any convenient location around your home without compromising your decor. Considering smaller spaces such as Alcoves around a fireplace, or any other small unusable spaces that can house a few shelves and a desk, this creates a great working space that doesnt take up much room. Modular home office furniture from The Dormy House allows you to personalise the pieces you choose so they’re exactly right for your room, and your work needs. They look stunning, are incredibly versatile and will give even the smallest home office space a light and airy feel. Our modular furniture range lets you create the storage furniture you need without the high price tag of going bespoke. It’s made with materials and finishes that are appealing to touch and look at rather than cold and corporate, and upholstery that’s inviting and swerves the functional style that typifies many work spaces. The Dormy House, 27 Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5LH. As well as our individual desk designs, we’ve also included modular versions in our home office collection, so you can design your own desk. Office bookcases or Library shelving can be created in many places, consider an over-desk bookcase or shelving if you are short of space, or just trying to maximise your study storage.All bookcases can be fitted with adjustable shelving for flexibility of use. There are modular options for kids’ rooms, too, which will allow you to hide away plenty but won’t stop them keeping their most treasured items on display. Doors and drawers can be made with quality fittings such as soft close or push to open. Why should you put up with any longer ? Our range of desks includes more minimal designs that will be ideal if you work on a tablet or laptop, as well as larger desks that suit those with desk-top machines and plenty of paperwork to spread out alongside.

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