non blanching rash no other symptoms

Guidance for the diagnosis and management of children presenting with a non-blanching rash. Purpuric and petechial rashes in adults and children: initial assessment. “If it doesn’t fade when you press on it with a glass (like a freckle wouldn’t fade), then call 999.” Where on my child’s body will the meningitis rash be? The presence of purpura make meningococcal disease more likely. For mild form of maculopapular rash no treatment is required. They are commonly found on the arms, legs, stomach, and buttocks., The size of the spots is an important feature of the rash; the spots must be less than 2 millimeters (0.078 inches) to be considered petechiae. Updated May, 2017, Perth Children’s Hospital. doi:10.1136/bmj.i1285, Ranganathan D, John GT. Updated May 22, 2019. Scabies symptoms include intense itching, burrows and the scabies rash. What Are Some Common Skin Diseases and Conditions? Updated July 1, 2016, Thomas AE, Baird SF, Anderson J. Purpuric and petechial rashes in adults and children: initial assessment. Exception to the rule: if the non-blanching rash is isolated to just one small area of the body, like just the face, or just the left arm, etc., AND your child is well-appearing, does not have fever, and does not have other concerning symptoms, it’s OK to wait and see me the following day, just make sure the rash doesn’t progress to the whole body. (. The management of fever and petechiae: making sense of rash decisions. Petechiae require prompt medical intervention to screen for medical emergencies. Watch as the color leaves the spot during compression and returns when you lift the glass. 2019;29(3):151-159. doi:10.4103/ijn.IJN_420_17. Petechiae could even be a symptom of an allergic reaction. If petechiae get larger or spread to other body parts, A child that has a sudden change in emotion (such as crying without being able to be consoled), Invasive meningococcal disease (IMD), caused by, Forceful and prolonged coughing or vomiting. In this instance, the healthcare provider will usually discharge the child to go home.. It includes a management algorithm and photo's to aid the clinician. Once the above conditions are ruled out clinically, (see individual guidelines for assessment and management), we are left with a differential diagnosis as follows: Evidence is based on retrospective and prospective observational studies, specific points include: Use the following algorithm to help discriminate who needs admission and IV antibiotics and who can be discharged. Rashes can change rather quickly, and may not be as visible by the time you see me, so take a photo and bring it in just in case! A “widespread rash” means it either covers the whole body or is at least relatively symmetric, like a rash on both arms, or the entire trunk, or both hands and feet, etc. Arch Dis Child 2001 85:218-222. Petechiae are small red dots on the skin; they can occur in people of any age, but they are particularly common in children. But when scattered petechiae are noted with a fever, it could be the sign of a very serious infection (such as IMD) requiring intravenous antibiotic therapy and possibly hospitalization. Van Nguyen Q, Nguyen EA, Weiner LB. BMJ. Some medical treatments (such as cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy). Unless your rash is isolated to only one single area of the body, a full-body rash that doesn’t blanch is a medical emergency and needs to be evaluated right away. But this does not mean that parents should panic and assume the worst. 5. Therapeutic plasma exchange in renal disorders, Clinical practice guideline: Fever and petechiae—purpura, Non blancing (petechial rash)—information for parents, Reddish-brown, flat spots that often show up suddenly, Spots that are commonly found on the extremities (arms and legs) stomach and buttocks, Spots that can appear in other areas of the body, including inside the mouth and eyelids, Spots that often appear in a cluster and look like a rash. Scratching With Eczema an Lead to Lichen Simplex Chronicus, How Skin Plaques Are Diagnosed and Treated. This could indicate that a bleeding disorder is present. Petechiae. It is highly unlikely significant bacteraemia is present if the rash is localised to a superior vena-caval distribution. Prior administration of penicillin does not alter the algorithm. Discussion of all things non-11 Plus related I think the main thing would be to look at your son's clinical presentation as a whole. Brogan P, Raffles A. Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. “Roll a glass over the rash,” says Dr Philippa. Symptoms of meningitis, septicaemia and meningococcal disease include: a high temperature cold hands and feet vomiting confusion breathing quickly muscle and joint DS occasionally gets non-blanching petichial rash. fbc, CRP can rule out significant bacterial illness on its own. Blood cultures (if infection is suspected), A lumbar puncture (a small sample of fluid taken from the spine to test for meningitis), Blood coagulation profile (to check normal clotting factors), Urinalysis (to check the urine for bacteria (which may indicate a urinary tract infection) or to check for potential kidney problems.

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