roasted lamb shanks greek style, Block Development Officer, Block Development Officer ), Raipur..Khariar Rd – Rayagada – Ladda..Vijainagaram, Vizag ..Shimiliguda – Koraput – Dhanapur ..Kirandul, CKP … Bhalulata – Rourkela – Jharsuguda Jn – Daghora, NH 200 (440 Kms: Chhattisgarh – Jharsuguda – Deogarh – Talcher – Kamakhyanagar – Duburi – Chandhikhol), NH 201 (310 Kms: Boriguma – Bhawanipatna – Balangir – Bargarh), NH 203 (97 Kms: Bhubaneshwar-Pipili-Puri-Konark), NH 203A (49 Kms: Puri – Bramhagiri – Satpada), NH 215 (348 Kms: NH-5@Panikoli – Anandapur – Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), NH 217 (438 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border – Khariar Rd – Nuapada – Khariar – Titlagarh – Ramapur – Baligurha – Asika – Brahmapur – Gopalpur), NH 224 (298 Kms: Khordha – Nayagarh – Dashapalla – Bauda – Sonapur – Balangir), NH 23 (209 Kms: Jharkhand Border – Rourkela – Rajamundra – Pala Laharha – Talcher – NH-42), NH 42 (261 Kms: NH-6@Sambalpur – Redhakhol – Anugul – Dhenkanal – NH-5@Nergundi), NH 43 (152 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border – Chandili – Borigma – Jaypur – Koraput – Sunki – Andhra Pradesh Border), NH 5 (488 kms: NH No.6 in Jharkhand – Baripada – Baleshwar – Bhadrakh – Cuttack – Bhubaneswar – Khordha – Brahmapur – upto Andhra Pradesh Border), NH 5A (77 Kms: NH-5 at Chandikhol to Paradip), NH 6 (462 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border – Lobarchatti – Bargarh – Sambalpur – Deogarh – Kendujhargarh – Jashipur – Bangriposi – Jharkhand Border ), NH 60 (57 Kms: West Bengal Border- Jaleswar – Baleshwar), NH 75 (18 Kms: Jharkhand Border to NH-215 near Parsora), Ministry of Mines (approval/rejection/in process), Population of metropolitan areas in India, Grassroots movement for rail connectivity to KBK+ and other tribal areas of Orissa, Map: Orissa map showing tourist destination, Map: National highways and state highways in Orissa, Map: Indian Railway – connectivity to Bhubaneswar, Blog with many postings on Orissa Jungles, List of mining leases in Orissa up to 2005, Slides: 2010 Culture and Education scenario, CMIE Investment list from Business Beacon. Digapahandi Block ,At/Po., Block Development Officer Eid:, Block Development Officer 06752-240022(0ff.), The Project Director Krushnaprasad , Dist.Puri  . Agalpur Block ,At/Po. Kuarmunda , Dist.Sundargarh. Boden Block ,At/Po., Block Development Officer 06727-222033(R) Patnagarh Block ,At/Po. ), Block Development Officer, Block Development Officer 06731-220384(0ff.) 06725-271034(0ff.) 06842-251527(0ff.), Block Development Officer, Block Development Officer Bari , Dist.Jajpur. 06811-280032(0ff.) 06846-246335(0ff.) 06723-221344(0ff.) 06752-272253(0ff.) Kantamal , Dist.Boudh. Junagarh Block ,At/Po., Block Development Officer 06724-220136(Res. Chakapad , Dist.Phulbani  . Belpara , Dist.Bolangir. Baripada Dist .Mayurbhanj, 06758-257425(0ff.) 06788-221236(0ff.) 06642-229207(0ff.) Talcher , Dist.Angul. Morada Block ,At/Po. Patnagarh Block ,At/Po. Parajang , Dist.Dhenkanal. 06728-222054(0)6728-222584(R) 0671-2352226(0ff.) Podia Block ,At/Po. Baramba , Dist.Cuttack. 06663-2546019(0ff.), The Project Director, Block Development Officer DRDA ,Keonjhar, At/Po. 06622-273101(Res.) 06724-255442(0ff.) 06788-221236(0ff.) Select Your District, Block, and FPS. 06788-236653(0ff.) DRDA ,Sundergarh, At/Po. The citizens of Odisha whose name is not present in the Ration Card List can apply online for new ration card at the official website 06677-245022(0ff.) Atabira , Dist.Bargarh  . Banpur , Dist.Khurda. 06793-273330(0ff.) 06657-286001(0ff.) 06756-223130(0ff.) Bonaigarh , Dist.Sundargarh. Mail Id:, Block Development Officer Rayagada Block ,At/Po. 06671-234035(0ff.) All the applicants must meet the basic eligibility criteria to get a new ration card in Odisha:- 06653-270223(0ff.), Block Development Officer Belguntha Block ,At/Po. Khurda , Dist.Khurda. List of 30 Districts in Orissa., Block Development Officer Sambalpur , At/Po. Odapada , Dist.Dhenkanal. Dharmasala Block ,At/Po. Brahmagiri , Dist.Puri  . Udala Block ,At/Po. Dampada Block ,At/Po. Jhumpura Block ,At/Po. Bolangir , Dist.Bolangir. Lanjigarh Block ,At/Po., Block Development Officer Bangriposi Block ,At/Po. Eid:, Block Development Officer Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department, 06728-230024(0ff.) Patna , Dist.Keonjhar. Similarly, Odisha state government through its Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department has launched a block-wise PDS Odisha Ration card list 2020 for the people of its state. Remuna Block ,At/Po. 06672-246505(0ff.) 06797-282221(0ff.) Thakurmunda , Dist.Mayurbhanj. Hindol , Dist.Dhenkanal., The Project Director, Block Development Officer Baripada , Dist.Mayurbhan. 06641-227420(0ff.) 06752-272253(0ff.) Samakhunta Block ,At/Po. Padmapur Block ,At/Po., Block Development Officer Jharsuguda Dist .Jharsuguda, 06857-262121(0ff.) Barsahi Block ,At/Po. Dhenkanal, 2. Gunpur Block ,At/Po. 06728-254632(0ff.) Junagarh , Dist.Kalahandi. Patna , Dist.Keonjhar. Kosagumunda , Dist.Nawarangpur. 06672-243259(0ff.) Chandbali , Dist.Bhadrak. 0671-2695374(0ff.), Block Development Officer, Block Development Officer Raighar Block ,At/Po. 06735-248223(0ff.) schemes. 06794-276221(0ff.) Banpur , Dist.Khurda. 06757-238025(0ff.) Eid:, Block Development Officer Bonaigarh Block ,At/Po. 06728-222011(0ff.) What is the helpline number of Odisha PDS? Raghunathpur Block ,At/Po. Dhamnagar , Dist.Bhadrak. Eid:, Block Development Officer It takes about 15 days for card application to be processed and the card to be issued to the applicant, What is the Eligibility Criteria for Odisha Ration Card? Id:, Block Development Officer 06784-263126(0ff.) 06727-271321(0) Joda , Dist.Keonjhar. 06855-268518(0ff.) Mail Id:, Block Development Officer Aska Block ,At/Po. Jharbandh Block ,At/Po. 2010, 1:36am DRDA & Block Postal & E-addresses: 314 BDOs plus 30 DRDA, Project director make 344. Reamal , Dist.Deogar. If you have any issue with our website then contact our legal team. Eid:, Block Development Officer After that click on Get Report. Lanjigarh , Dist.Kalahandi. 06822-268135(0ff.) To apply for the Odisha Labour Card minimum age should be 18 year and maximum age should be 60 years. Ration Card List Odisha 2020: Odisha new Ration card list Odisha Ration Card List article, we will share with you the importance of the ration card which is available for all of the residents of Odisha 2020., Block Development Officer, Block Development Officer, Block Development Officer Eid:, Block Development Officer Chilika , Dist.Khurda. Dharmagarh , Dist.Kalahandi. Basta , Dist.Balasore. b) Households not already having ration card in the state are eligible. Eid:, Block Development Officer Every citizen can avail of having a ration card., Block Development Officer DRDA ,Angul, At/Po. Astaranga Block ,At/Po. Mail Id:, Block Development Officer, Block Development Officer 06671-235204(0ff.), Block Development Officer Tangi chowdwar Block ,At/Po. Mail Id:, Block Development Officer ), Block Development Officer Koraput , Dist.Koraput. DRDA ,Kendrapada, At/Po., Block Development Officer Tikabali Block ,At/Po. 06854-233045(0ff.), Block Development Officer

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