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Post the assets or send the inventory list to EquipNet. © EquipNet, Inc. 2020 - All rights reserved. Well it might not be useful for you but still is extremely useful to us and because we can get you the best deals in town and reuse, recycle or further sell out your equipment to someone who would yet again make it valuable. EquipNet can work with you to identify surplus and post the assets for you, or you can do it yourself in 5 easy steps. +1-781-821-3482 The phone and IT systems that worked for your office a year or two ago may not be keeping the pace with your requirements. We provide shipping, or pick-up/pack-up your equipment. When it comes time to update your office, offset your CapEx and sell your used office phones. If you forget your username or password, click here, enter your email address and we will email you your account information. We team up with companies all around the world to quickly resell, repurpose or recycle all electronics sent our way. We request a detailed list of your used office phones, including make, model, and quantity of units. View All Locations. We will also purchase entire used office phone systems and other IT office equipment! So what are waiting for? Being used and depreciating significantly compared to other office machinery and supplies, they tend to be replaced more. We offer delivery and installation services nationwide. To look after the business, being the obvious, To maintain level with competition, or maybe even reach higher, To satisfy the employees and keep things at bay, To allow yourself a safe and secure business trajectory, The best phones should be installed so that there is no discrepancy. When you sell your used office phones and other business items to TeleTraders, we can also handle all of the packing, removal, and transporting for the old equipment, helping free up both your space and your time. Our team utilizes industry experience to provide you with a fair and competitive price quote for your old business phones and office equipment. Privacy Policy. Be sure to light the equipment well when taking photos. Just give us a call at 770-864-9179or get an Online Quoteto get started. We can help by offering you the best possible rates for your used office phones. Maximum even six months to a year goes by and your newly appointed software is not worth a penny. © 2020 TeleTraders, LLC. And this requires certain steps to be taken. Contacts and sources derive the business and that is why any firm is always first to keep it phones upgraded. And this is where TeleTraders completes the picture as a solution to your dilemma that we will get you the best deals for you IT equipment and hardware. Call us today at (248) 548-6904 or visit our Oak Park, MI location to see what we have in stock. Use the highest resolution setting whenever possible. As an all-inclusive asset management company, we accept all desktops, laptop computers, servers, network routers, modems, hubs, VoIP & digital telephones, and many other IT office technologies now. Someone who has work blood, sweat and tears to lay this foundation? Business means having contacts. In order to maintain your competition, you need to have IT hardware and telephone systems that can keep up with those changing needs. We handle all nationwide projects and provide some of the best logistics rates to help reduce your costs, giving you the most competitive return on your technology investment. TeleTraders buys used networking hardware, including: routers, switches, and hubs of all brands including Juniper, Cisco, Dell, Nortel, Acer, Avocent, Belkin, HP, Lenovo, NEC, Netgear, ProLabs, Smartoptics, Tandberg, Toshiba, TP-Link, VMware, Websense. If you forget your email address, please contact your sales representative. And that is to sell old office supplies and IT equipment and replacing them with newer, better and upgraded version. Even if you do not see your office equipment brand listed here, we will likely accept the items as a part of your offload package. Our company handles nationwide projects, and can provide some of the best logistics rates to help your compensation, giving you the most competitive return on your investment. As I mentioned earlier, to maintain a fast pace business one should have idealized structured plans laid out. We are proud to also offer full recycling services for your used systems, so equipment that can no longer be used is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner making the best use of our natural resources to avoid sending your technology to the landfill or ending up as e-waste. If not the only, I may say so; it is one of the major changes one can bring in order to fulfill all the above responsibilities at least with respect to one end. Privacy Policy. We encourage you to share your business dilemmas with us as we will be more than happy to provide. Industry-specific global sales team ready to help you in a variety of languages, Desktop evaluations, inventory services, and certified appraisals available, Warehouse consignment available at a variety of global locations. But I can assure you that your patience had paid off and in your struggle of finding a dealer – that will help you with a business struggle a little more often – you somehow have landed on the right page! TeleTraders can help you sell your used, outdated, or obsolete IT office phones and office phone systems. fast & easy Close to a Million buyers are looking for their next Equipment on Equipment Trader this month! Thus, in conclusion, we address all the business owners, big and small, old and new, to contact us. Terms of Use.Web Design & Marketing by PeachLotus. Your Recycle, Reuse, Refurb Partner Used Office Furniture Seattle is a single source for all your office furniture needs. As a thriving business owner there are certain responsibilities that fall upon you. TeleTraders is happy to purchase your used office phones and other office equipment to free you from the burden of an often complicated electronics recycling and disposal process. We can also provide a certificate of disposal for situations involving equipment that needs to be disposed of either because it’s no longer a valuable asset, or contains secure information that needs to be destroyed. These plans tend to work only when people understand their importance. Even the most basic business start with a table, chair and telephone set on the table. You update the software, exactly! But what about the point that where would you dispose of your used telephone systems that was once very useful and valuable to your business needs? Please also include any PDF manuals or plans for a more complete listing. We are always looking to help businesses, small and large, offset the costs of upgrading their IT office phones and IT office phone systems. Our efforts will ensure the electronics remain in operation beyond their expected lifecycle. We are based in Georgia, but we work with companies all over the United States and are committed to offering the most competitive rates on logistics in moving used office phones. Please contact our team anytime to inquire about the brands we purchase from our clients. Used Office Equipment EquipNet is the leading global provider of used equipment including used office equipment and furniture and much more. We work hard to repurpose or recycle all working used IT office phones to save companies money on their equipment upgrade costs and reduce the consumption of our planet’s limited natural resources. Terms of Use.Web Design & Marketing by PeachLotus, about Four Benefits of Used Electronics Recycling, Four Benefits of Used Electronics Recycling. Steps like: Though easy said then done, these responsibilities however carry one simple solution. Repurpose or recycle your working office phones to save money on new equipment costs. When you’re ready to upgrade your office desks, cubicles, storage or seating, contact Discount Office Equipment. You can register on our website using the exact company name that is on your company's W-9 or corporate return. At TeleTraders, it is understood that your office’s technology needs can change seemingly at a moment’s notice. We work with companies of all sizes, helping you by offering a wide range of services you need so that you can focus on your business rather than becoming overwhelmed by decisions about your used systems. TeleTraders is proud to also offer full recycling services for your used systems, so equipment that can no longer be used is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. There’s a field on the form to include photos for even faster service. We look over all your equipment to determine its worth. Include photos of all sides of the equipment, important components, name plates, covers of manuals/software, change parts/tooling, items associated with sale of listing, previously run products, noticeable damage, and any additional photos that will enhance the listing. So, that you have enough finance already from your old equipment to compensate for new, easily and cheaply. Equipment with minor problems may go through our refurbishment process to restore its functionality and improve its appearance. If there is any question about whether we will accept your brand of equipment, feel free to contact us by phone or email at any time and we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. Well we bring forth the solution for that too and that is to sell it out for the very best deal.

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