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The tendency is to tutor up and respond to opponents with the perfect answer to whatever it is they're doing. slivers! Low. I could have easily went aggro-burn-mill with them. So if you had to pick control/combo/aggro as the base for the deck and then go from that point, which would be the most consistent and powerful if you play in a meta/group that is primarily casual and you'll run into all types of decks? This site works best with JavaScript enabled. You have access to Caller of the Claw type stuff, counterspells, and grave recursion like Living Death. ... give the hivestone to them, pull out your Sliver Overlord, start taking all their creatures. constricting sliver saved me from some vampires working as kill spells, but the sigarda player had practiced against me before and started swinging as soon as his commander hit play. Thanks! I think the main cards to have FOR SURE in this deck is: Aluren, Urza's INcubator, Mana Echoes, Training Grounds, Sliver Overlord, Sliver Queen, Sliver Legion and Prophet of Kruphix, Heart SLiver, Gemhide AND Manaweft Sliver. Kozilek, Butcher of Youth or This is Vintage EDH... Get Off My Damn Lawn! This is my sliver EDH deck., Ideal pick: 10 duals, 5-7 fetchlands, 9-10 basics, and your choice of utility lands. I've officially started. I usually run Sliver Overlord as commander, but sometimes I change for any of the other sliver legends to pair the powerlevel of my deck with the others in casual games. I'm probably 40-60% of the way through foiling out my EDH deck and still looking for more cards. It's actually not bad to play against, and is quite challenging to deal with as it's quite aggressive. Watch **Custom Commander Deck** Sliver Hivelord EDH Budget MTG Deck! Almost all involve some infinite combo , and devolve to a repetitive pattern of tutoring for combo pieces, playing them and winning. HRmph. Use Sliver Overlord to tutor out the perfect answer for any threat. Hooooold ooooonnn- There it is! Advice would be most welcome both with slivers and other cards. The deck is also incredibly synergistic and most of the slivers have tribal effects which boost all slivers on the battlefield. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. The one problem I saw was a guy who got upset after he tutored up all his players and lost them to a mass bounce followed by a discard. Details about Custom Commander Deck Sliver Overlord Edh See original listing. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. If the meta hates on graveyards enough (as mine does; weep for my Mimeoplasm! You don't generally tend to need a ton of them. 7 watching. Me, I like the challenge. Using that as a base, you could strip all the Weatherlight fluff out and fill with more win condition/protection cards and do alright. Thanks! This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Additionally, stacking your deck with all of your most important slivers means you aren't hitting lands, and everyone knows what's a-comin'. Yes, there is Pulmonic Sliver, but if you're dropping Sliver Overlord ASAP you may not have the mana and time to make that happen, and the turn you spend playing Pulmonic is a turn you can't spend setting up a winning board. Some of these are just silly expensive when foil haha. Sliver Deck - Very Powerful - MTG Magic the Gathering - Ready to Play! I'll keep you guys updated with progress - I have quite a few slivers at this point and will be picking up the last few lands I need over the next month. Nice deck, I have some suggestions: Badlands Bayou Plateau Savannah Scrubland Taiga Tropical Island Tundra Underground Sea Volcanic Island Root Sliver (makes your Slivers uncounterible) Cautery Sliver (combos into a one turn win combo with your infinite token combo) Crypt Sliver (regens Slivers) The lands will be hard to come by since they are the original dual-lands (and expensive, but if … Then just finishing off the last few slivers! Sliver decks definitely need to be kept under control. after taking ten commander damage i played overlord to get winged sliver so I could block. ... plus it can tutor for any of the myriad slivers that exist in your deck … I'm confused why you're clogging up this thread with discussion on a card that is. *The Queen stretches her neck to observe the handiwork of her newest thrall*, [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord, Know how to properly tag cards, decks, etc, 5 Color Tribal Guide (Slivers, Atogs, Allies, Spirits). Ended: Oct 11, 2020. My sliver deck WAS combo. $29.99. I've had two players in our group run slivers. My Slivers Vs the crew of the Weatherlight themed casual deck reliably had enough fixing to meet its quota by turn 5 or 6. It's very hard to answer that question without completely rethinking the build. Resolve a Crytptic Gateway and Intruder Alarm and it's damn near unstoppable. They're just boring for everyone involved. Your post is spot on, however, one small comment I'd like to add: Because you're mostly creature-based with a sliver deck, you're vulnerable to what is probably the most common type of removal in the game. Five color is hard. They are rather uninteresting, and tend to fail horribly after a few board wipes, but hate? Slivers decks come in very few flavors. Custom Commander Deck Sliver Overlord Edh: Condition: Used. If you notice, I run far fewer slivers. Tweet. I've never found sliver legion super helpful but Hivelord is a definite yes. By the time I have 4+ creatures I'm usually about to combo off. Gatherer has been wrong before and I think pulls from gatherer. Maybe it is different in paper but online I actually give props so someone that is actually playing slivers when I see that they have Sliver Queen or Overlord. Sliver Overlord EDH(Help) by jkluge626. Long Answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss. Thank you. Free shipping. Foiled again! While it had maybe 2-3 tutor effects it had way more card draw. That's obnoxious for some people. I would say not hate, just tired of them. Visual View Stream Popout It literally cripples everyone else whilst you have lots to work with. I think that the reasons listed in this thread for WHY Slivers are hated out so often are pretty spot on, though. Avg. I own/will be owning almost all the slivers at some point since slivers are my pet project. Ads by Fandom. I guarantee your friends will never want to play EDH again. You also run into the issue of requiring a very diverse mana base (ideally twisties and shocks for fetches, focusing on forest/x ones to synergize with the "search for a forest" tutors), and access to lots of fixing. They aren't hard to solve, though. If their slivers are vulnerable to creature removal, they're playing with the wrong Slivers or getting the wrong ones first. They're grindy control/toolbox decks that, due to the tutoring commander most often played, play out exactly the same way each time. AHA agreed! ), Living Death and Patriarch's Bidding can't be used to recover. Wrath effects. 'Sliver Overlord EDH' - constructed deck list and prices for the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game from TCGplayer Infinite! Additionally, the Overlord's ability to steal Slivers makes him extremely vulnerable to cloning effects. A lot of thought was put into mitigating the inherent weakness of a 5-color build, that being a build prone to mana screwing. Mana Base. Yes, well i just played my first two games with Slivers, ghegh. Free shipping. Also Playing Aluren + Urza's incubator makes pretty much all your slivers free. The second however, is set up for the long game. Winning bid: US $37.00 [ 5 bids] Shipping: Calculate Varies based on location and shipping … To be honest, I feel there are better uses for the slot it would take up. I haven't played a huge amount of them, but I have never seen any hate for them. The Army of Evil (Necromancy for fun and profit), Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, and her Samurai Army. Bad times for Slivers. This deck is purposely geared towards being more casual than competitive, but I would love every point of competitive advice available. slivers! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Targeted removal is dead when they go get Crystalline Sliver. The rest is really utility. Its even better when combined with prophet of kruphix + sliver overlord, or aluren. Slivers can be interesting and fun, but without something else with them they are just slow agro decks. Red Aggro. (: [quote from="JPoJohnson »" url=""]Currently have most of the slivers, not sure where to go with the supporting spells (haven't picked up most of them yet). © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. What is the point of fighting it? Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Sliver decks are the ultimate toolbox deck in EDH. Because you're mostly creature-based with a sliver deck, you're vulnerable to what is probably the most common type of removal in the game. Okay, but I don’t have Gaea’s cradle that’s a wee bit too expensive i think. Sure, having two. The topic of companions is a loaded discussion - I've seen people get very passionate on all sides of them. Control creep. (: @JPoJohnson: I would suggest trimming some of the slivers for more functional cards (although you play a much more creature heavy version than me). Although i am going to sell some wargaming stuff... Give my list a look. Ready to play, 100 card, EDH (Commander) deck. He still gets a target put on him however, but since he runs Queen instead of Legion or Overlord, it's not that bad. *The Queen rejoices at the handiwork of her newest servant*, *The Queen stirs from her slumber and sleepily regards the newcomer that just walked into her chamber, then bids him to come closer with a gesture of her claws*. Format: Vintage - SOM. 6 years ago. I've had two players in our group run slivers. Yes, absolutely.

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