song of solomon 4 commentary

Epigr. SomeF3So Cocceius, Schmidt, Heunischius, Marckius, Michaelis. 90:17 . Honor. This recommends us to Jesus Christ, for this is that true wisdom which, in his account, is an ornament of grace unto the head and chains about the neck, Prov. par. Eleg. Ministers’ gifts are the spices; when the Spirit is poured out these flow forth, and then the wilderness becomes a fruitful field, Isa. Where Solomon made himself gardens and orchards he made himself pools of water (Eccl. Their chief spices were much more valuable, because much more durable, than the choicest of our flowers. 10:2 ), or, rather, than all the spices that were used in compounding the holy incense which was burned daily on the golden altar. Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet,.... To a "thread" for thinness, to "scarlet" for colour; thin red lips being beautiful, as well as white teeth; so the beautiful Aspasia had red lipsF2Aelian. Being joined to him, we must walk with him. Mary Magdalen’s hair was beautiful when she wiped the feet of Christ with it.(3.) 2:10 . We can invite him to nothing but what is his own already. 3:18 ), and the righteousness of saints (Rev. l. 3. c. 5. ; and Lebanon is thought, by someF20Vid. 49:12 . Christ having put upon his spouse the white raiment of his own righteousness, and the righteousness of saints, and perfumed it with holy joy and comfort, he is well pleased with it. Ambrose affirmsF12De Bono Mortis, c. 5. , that what PlatoF13In Sympos. 23. v. 16. 14:6 . Pentaglott. Eclog. 2. v. 75, 76, . (4.) i. l. 4. There is no spot but such as is often the spot of God’s children, none of the leopard’s spots. Humility and modesty, blushing to lift up our faces before God, blushing at the remembrance of sin and in a sense of our unworthiness of the honour put upon us, will beautify us very much in the eyes of Christ. She had commended him, and called all about her to take notice of his glories; and hereby she recommends herself to him, gains his favour, and, in return for her respects, he calls to all about him to take notice of her graces. Targum, Jarchi & Aben Ezra in loc. "The teeth" (Song of Solomon 4:2). Of these titles; see Gill on Song of Solomon 4:8; See Gill on Song of Solomon 4:9; and of the love of the church to Christ; see Gill on Song of Solomon 1:3; here said to be "fair", lovely and delightful, grateful and acceptable; as it is to Christ, in the several acts and effects of it, and therefore the word is plural, "thy loves"F18דודיך "amores tui", Pagninus, Montanus, &c. ; being exceeding beautiful in his eye, and extremely well pleasing to him; therefore says, "how fair!" , who was on this mountain in 1575, relates; "we came (says he) into pleasant groves, by delightful "rivulets" that arose from "springs", that made so sweet a noise, as to be admired by King Solomon, Song of Solomon 4:15;'. (b) Tertullian said it represented the modesty of Christian maidens and the bride's submission to her husband (Christ to the Church). The products of this garden. Gabr. Idyll. 1. l. 3. c. 24. col. 924. sometimes of harts and hinds among lilies. there is no spot in thee; not that the saints have no sin in them; nor any committed by them; nor that their sins are not sins; nor that they have no spots in them, with respect to sanctification, which is imperfect; but with respect to their justification, as having the righteousness of Christ imputed to them, and covered with that spotless robe, they are considered as having no spot in them; God sees no sin in them, so as to reckon it to them, and condemn them for it; and they stand unblamable and unreproveable in his sight; and will be presented by Christ, both to himself and to his father, and in the view of men and angels, "not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing", Ephesians 5:27, upon them. here; and the purple juice of the pomegranate well expresses the colour of them; hence we read of purple cheeksF9"Purpureas genas", Ovid.

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