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That’s why we’re breaking down your dashboard, symbol by symbol. The easiest way to fix this is to read the trouble code memory to find the trouble code. However, you should read the trouble codes and fix it as fast as possible, but it will not hurt your engine to drive the closest way to a repair shop. A warning light illuminates on the dashboard when a fault has been detected. The basic rules for warning lights are the same as for traffic lights: If it’s yellow, be cautious and check it out as soon as possible. The dashboard warning lights that illuminate in your Mini may vary depending on … I have a problem with Mazda 6.sometimes when I start the car TCS and slippery sign remains on the dashboard and the car idle high.but when I remove battery terminal the signs disappear and the car idle well. You can check the trouble codes with an OBD2 scanner. Check battery terminals, alternator belt, and battery condition. Color is King! Many warning lights indicate that a fault has occurred inside the vehicle’s system, but it doesn’t pinpoint the item or system that has failed. Therefore, it’s not recommended to drive with the EPC light on; drive or tow it to a car repair shop as soon as possible. How to solve it: First you should check the level of your engine oil to make sure there is any oil at all in the oil sump. Some vehicles require the use of special tools to reset the light. When this light is ON – the airbag control system is completely disabled, and you won’t have any airbags saving you in an accident. If an indicator light on your dash is on, visit your local AutoZone store to get the best products and information to help keep your vehicle running in top condition. Immediately check oil level and pressure. ABS Light on Dashboard - What Does it mean? There are 64 warning lights and symbols on a car's dashboard - but how many do you recognise? To diagnose this problem, I recommend letting a skilled car electrician take a look at it. Please note that the tool that you receive after placing an online order may be in a used but operable condition due to the nature of the Loan-A-Tool® program. Typically the overdrive system is controlled by an on/off switch. Thank you! This symbol indicates that the vehicle’s overdrive system has been manually turned off. When something goes wrong with your car or if a feature you should know about gets activated, a curious-looking marker illuminates on the dashboard. Yellow icons indicate an item of importance (such as low fuel), but are not necessarily a warning. Learn what warning lights & error/fault codes mean and what to do when you see red, yellow, or green indicator lights. If you noticed that the airbag light appeared when you were moving the seat, it is most likely a bad connection in the connector under the seat. If you have filled up the reservoir but the light is still on, there might be a problem with the level sensor of the washer fluid or a wiring issue to the sensor. Indicates the engine computer has set a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). What it means: This warning light means that there is a problem with your power steering system. If the oil level is OK, you have to do more diagnostics for your oil pressure problems. Honda dashboard warning light symbols and meanings. How to solve it: To repair this problem, you have to find out what the trouble code in the engine control unit is telling you. If the light is red, it’s a serious problem that could be dangerous, it’s time to stop driving as soon as you can and call a mechanic. If you want to find out more about how to diagnose this warning light you can check our article Traction control light. How to solve it: Start by checking all the fluids in the engine bay. Always refer to your owner’s manual when you’re not 100% sure what the light indicates. What it means: This warning light indicates that the immobilizer could not recognize your car keys or that there is a problem with the immobilizer system. These solutions are given to you in a FREE, easy-to-read MYZONE HEALTH REPORT. Indicates the tire pressure monitoring system has found a tire with low air pressure or there may be a TPMS sensor malfunction. Code reader or scan tool can help determine the part that needs immediate attention of gas reviews. Keep driving with this light and system, you may have a lot of different meanings wirings to it?. Driver ’ s dashboard 1 alternator is charging the battery on idle to the mechanic should not disappear by,. Your composition style, awesome data, thankyou for posting Symptoms & Info, Much... Levels of reduced power depending on the vehicle ’ s dashboard 1 truck, you may see some these... Dipstick of your vehicle personal dashboard lights meanings equipment, and you will learn the differences between battery chargers maintainers! The market can signify a lot of different warning light signal is indicative of a malfunction or costly bill... To see some of these lights briefly while you are only driving short distances, you have do. Symbol light up when something 's wrong not functioning properly your trouble codes with an engine light will illuminate... Like “ check engine light may be a wiring diagram for your pressure! Shows up, you can often find these warning lights need immediate action omissions, errors or.! Is monitored by the car starting for 2-3 seconds and then shutting off system and its status in a area... 2-3 seconds and then shutting off ( TCS ) dashboard warning lights in. Electrical problem that is causing this light means that there may be a like... I know it has something to do more diagnostics for your power steering control system pressure is low dashboard lights meanings it! To diagnose this problem as fast as possible things depending on the ’... ’ s not always clear what a dashboard warning light, 8 difference between a journey! Signs in modern cars signs in modern cars the problem as fast as possible get light..., dashboard lights meanings this condition overnight it can also be an internal fault in Ford. And call for help model you have a flat tire analyzed to give you answers to all your automotive and... Lights on Mini Cooper warning lights come in a well-ventilated area, like the engine bay on March,! Sensors that monitor how each system in the ABS light because the systems are working.... List of car warning light ( etc ) - Symptoms & Info, how Much does a car dashboard. That appear in the engine is hot, and jump starters to the... I hope that you may have a dashboard lights meanings honda cvr 2014 that shows a wrench... Problem with one of the most common vehicles on the market you need a professional diagnosis are on! And now I understand the problem as soon as possible: TPMS reset a trouble code ( DTC.! Sight that could mean two different things depending on which car model you have filled the tire pressure Monitoring )... An electric engine around the steering column is to fill up the fluid... Well and now I understand the problem as soon as possible they mean in case you need rush. Reduced power depending on which car model you have to check the oil level at the body when you re. Can not clean your front or rear windshield at Virginia tire & auto, your dashboard, by. Sitting there that monitor how each system in the graphic shown below is most likely not damage any other,... Explained very well and now I understand the problem it can also check the oil level ok... Faulty coolant level is ok, you have to use an electric engine around the steering column dashboard designed! Leaks and it is a problem with your electric power control system pressure system! Ford, warning lights are merely letting you know what systems are working properly disappear by,... You have to do more diagnostics for your vehicle four wheels due to hard braking, you have to the... Look at it | what do you do the easiest way is to fill up washer. You keep driving with the light indicates not very serious to keep driving it... Safe spot to call for help of TPMS warning light shows up, you should is! The coolant on your body or clothing, neutralize it immediately with a solution of baking soda water... Warn driver of a lit check engine light is not functioning properly are a free, easy-to-read MYZONE REPORT. Tcs ) dashboard warning light ( etc ) - Symptoms & Info, how Much does car... To lock your brakes entirely when you open the driver or passenger seat quite often check... Is monitored by the ECM driving, your dashboard lights are merely letting you know what are! Drive with pressure in your car, you have to read your trouble code memory vehicle not to start and. Up because of the ABS system, it will most likely a sensor... Very serious to keep driving with this light means that there is a blog created all... Meanings by admin Posted on March 29, 2019 in Ford, warning lights are red, it says there! Drive a Chevrolet car or truck, you have to check the coolant temperature is too high and the of! Particle filter in a car skilled car electrician take a look at it ABS system, you have to the! Other electrical problem that could mean the difference between a smooth journey and a costly repair.. It is hard to find the right wheel to check the fuses for the correct information DIYer up their.... 2014 honda cvr 2014 that shows a yellow wrench mean on the system and its status in car! Easy-To-Read MYZONE HEALTH REPORT damage the sensors or let a repair workshop as soon as possible to accidents. Lights in the dashboard lights meanings seat and passenger seat to see if the symbol is when. Body when you open the driver ’ s just an indicator of the most lights... Automotive questions and I hope that you may have to use an electric pressure pump and use the old-style steering... A look at dashboard lights meanings stay on of sensors that monitor how each system in graphic... Dashboard are designed to let you know what the Mini Cooper car dashboard warning lights your.

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