what does it mean to live a good life? essay

Get a verified writer to help you with What Is the Good Life? Life is getting hard and expensive as the years are passing by. Still others say that being truly happy will allow you to live a good life. In many works of literature, authors express their viewpoints on society and times in which they live. Four years ago, the Dalai Lama once said (while teaching people about the art of happiness) “we pay too much concern to material things and neglect our inner resources.” This statement essentially means that we need to lay off on the material objects that make us artificially or temporarily happy and start finding what is most important to us, which should be happiness. 4.7 scientific research, artistic creation, or scholarship. Many individuals in our world are frequently attempting to be self-reliant; trying to make it on their own and be original in idea and true to themselves. Another approach that could help define the good life universally is happiness. Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/what-is-the-good-life-essay, Type: The good life consists … A problem free environment benefits many aspects in life because it creates low stress and reduces the amount of situations that slow one’s productivity. Jimmy Saville may have enjoyed his life. The good life, in its most simple form, is a series of never ending satisfaction that only grows more powerful as time goes on. What is a good life? A life that satisfies and fulfills you, that adds happiness, joy and a sense of purpose to your life. His experiment of living in the woods and away from society was a way to test out his beliefs. This approach is somewhat similar to the other two approaches I mentioned earlier, in the way they all are quite complex, require critical thinking to comprehend, and use one’s perception to determine if something will lead one to the good life. (239), 4.8 However, a universal definition of the phrase good life is possible; I believe if you make the primary goal relatively general this task can be done. Indeed, following austere morals and ethics may lead to an unsatisfying life. People who have lived the “good life” by my definition which is one that has a balanced lifestyle, accomplished goals and dreams which are beneficial to a person and their loved ones, an education, and last but not least having stability through relationships, … By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Categories Henry David Thoreau, Life, Literature, Philosophers, Philosophy, The Good Life, Virtue Ethics. They have to work for a living. It suggests that they are devoted to what some have called the “lower” pleasures such as sex, food, drink, and sensual indulgence in general. He basically states that nothing can override our perception of ourselves because we know ourselves the best. 1087 Words | 5 Pages October, 2015 What is the Good Life Essay A popular saying is “live life in the moment.” People believe that by doing this, they will live life to their fullest potential, and this will lead to the good life. The importance of reason in sensing life is evident in all phases of life. But devout believers are confident that their piety will not be in vain. 11/26-30/16 Imagine a powerful sadist who spends much of his time gratifying cruel desires. The Transcendentalists’ goal was to create a Utopia in America. Transcendentalism was... Transcendentalism influenced the 19th century and emphasized on the value of the individual and intuition. In the essay “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau, the authors speak out against conformity and materialism in society. Thoreau’s idea behind making life simple was finding solitude and seeing if indeed depriving himself would make his perception of things much more positive than before. There are many opinions as to what the so-called "good life" is. But surely, we would not want to say that he lived the good life. Today, many people automatically think of happiness in subjectivist terms: To them, a person is happy if they are enjoying a positive state of mind, and their life is happy if this is true for them most of the time. Type: Boosta Ltd - 10 Kyriakou Matsi, Liliana building, office 203, 1082, Nicosia, Cyprus. He argues that it is much better to suffer wrong than to do it; that a good man who has his eyes gouged out and is tortured to death is more fortunate than a corrupt person who has used wealth and power dishonorably. It has been posed in different ways—How should one live? To fully understand oneself, one must be true to oneself. Living the good life means living a life that sets you free. If one acts virtuously it means that they fully understood the situation and acted in the “right” way, or at least attempted to act in a moral way. What is the Good Life Essay The first approach is somewhat similar to the first because it describes how to act to achieve the good life. Socrates and Plato both gave absolute priority to being a virtuous person over all other supposedly good things such as pleasure, wealth, or power. Thoreau believed that by freeing himself from social restrictions, he could eventually gain spiritual relief. But what does that mean? But Aristotle’s idea of what it means to live well is objectivist rather than subjectivist. fighting against racism or protecting the environment. According to Aristotle, the good life should be free of any greed, full of virtue, pleasure, and friendships, as well as excellence in whatever you may do. A truly good life is one that is both enviable and admirable in all or most of the ways outlined above. Is it to have fame and be praised by everyone? It means the ability to empathize with other people, to feel compassion for them, and to put their needs before your own. I don’t fully, October, 2015 And he agrees with Epicurus that a happy life will involve many and varied pleasurable experiences. The so-called “higher” pleasures such as friendship and study are at least as important as “pleasures of the flesh.". What is key to this hedonistic conception of the good life is that it emphasizes subjective experiences. In Plato’s dialogue Gorgias, Socrates takes this position to an extreme. According to Aristotle, we all want to be happy. Unlike the Dalai Lama, Aristotle thought that we must have an unchangeable character and some knowledge to act accordingly in these four core areas. They may devote themselves to a cause: e.g. The happiness approach differentiates itself from simplicity because it is definable (you are either happy or you are not), which simplicity is not. The third and final approach that can help universally define the good life is virtue ethics. Copying content is not allowed on this website, Ask a professional writer to help you with your text, Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need, Please indicate where to send you the sample. Two of the more important literary movements of the late 18th century to the early 19th century are transcendentalism and romanticism. Of course, the great majority of people today do not belong to the leisure class as Aristotle did. And they don’t spend all their time merely pursuing their own pleasure; they devote a certain amount of time to activities that benefit others, perhaps through their engagement with family and friends, or through their work, or through various voluntary activities. But this is a misrepresentation of Epicureanism. Epicurus certainly praised all kinds of pleasures. By definition, it is a lack of self-centeredness. I would agree with all of the things he believed in. Type: We value many things because they are a means to other things. Hindus expect that the law of karma will ensure that their good deeds and intentions will be rewarded, while evil actions and desires will be punished, either in this life or in future lives. Phil 1301-038 The reasoning, Green Toys Inc. marketing segmentation, strategy, and data collection method, Bellboy Case Research Methods in Marketing Essay, The Pest Analysis of Uk Food Producing Industry Essay, Essay on The Great Encounter of China and the West. Or imagine a pot-smoking, beer-guzzling couch potato who does nothing but sit around all day watching old TV shows and playing video games. Even in everyday speech, if we say someone is “living the good life,” we probably mean that they enjoying lots of recreational pleasures: good food, good wine, skiing, scuba diving, lounging by the pool in the sun with a cocktail and a beautiful partner. This is shown by both Herodotus, The History the story of Solon and Croesus, and by the Mike Webster Sports Injury series by Greg Garber. However, by looking at life in Christ, we as Christians can more easily answer this question. The good life should be more virtue based rather than being all about material objects and what you have for yourself. Some aspects of Transcendentalism can be applied in today’s society, while others have lost their relevance due to the changes of social and economic conditions since the time of Thoreau. Obviously, many people do not receive their reward in this life. (654). I feel this visualization that America has of the good life is completely wrong. It means benevolence, altruism and selflessness, and self-sacrifice towards a greater cause. So people who are able to pursue their calling are generally regarded as extremely fortunate. According to Aristotle, the good life should be free of any greed, full of virtue, pleasure, and friendships, as well as excellence in whatever you may do. The prices on food, and other utility prices are going up. The Moral Life One basic way we use the word “good” is to express moral approval. He also claimed that his new lower standards help facilitated pleasures rather than hindering them, but some intelligence was required to appreciate the small things in life. Essay, 7 pages. One basic way we use the word “good” is to express moral approval. Christian martyrs went singing to their deaths confident that they would soon be in heaven. In his masterpiece, the Republic, Plato develops this argument in greater detail. This outlook goes back a very long way. He claimed that an act was virtuous if one acted intellectually and morally, and that one used wisdom, rationality, comprehension, and obedience to morality when acting upon a situation. Essay, 3 pages. Theoretically, if you are not happy and can never seem to find happiness, what is the point of living? What is the goal to achieve in any decision? It is my belief that one can only fully understand what the good life is if they fully understand themselves. It means being able to see beyond the superficial difference of race, How to Live a Good Life But happiness is something we value not as a means to some other end but for its own sake. However, happiness is similar to simplicity in the way that they are both based solely on your own perception and no one else’s. A good example of this Jimmy Saville, the British TV personality who was much admired in his lifetime but who, after he died, was exposed as a serial sexual predator. Many people in America would argue that the good life would consist of being rather wealthy without working, having many friends, a stable family with an attractive spouse and so on. Stephen King, one of the controversial writers of our time, brings his characters to life by giving them peculiar attributes, individual and bold attitudes, and places them in unusual predicaments. I digress; later in his self-help teaching session the Dalai Lama claimed that everyone had the necessities needed to achieve happiness and a good life, which makes this a very good and completely plausible universal approach to determine whether one has had the good life. There is no objective answer to this question and this is why it is so difficult to deal with. For sometimes a person can appear to live a fine life, and be able to check all the boxes—virtue, prosperity, friendship, respect, meaning, etc.—yet eventually be revealed as something other than what we thought they were.

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