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Most electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, laptops and electric shavers are dual voltage by default. 11. I would suggest avoiding trying to convert voltage since there is also wattage to take into consideration. This is a splurge but I always travel with my Bose noise-cancelling headphones (other brands and prices also available). If you’re traveling to Rome then this is the perfect excuse to buy a new dress. I wasn’t unsure whether to list this as what to pack for Rome as it’s not really for Rome only, but you never know! If you forget these, you can always buy them at the pharmacy. Having your own well-stocked first-aid kit can give you a lot of peace of mind. Excellent for touring around Rome and other European cities. So if you feel like cooling off with a day-trip to a beach near Rome, or even a dip in one of the pools in Rome that is open during summer, you will be equipped. It can get chilly and wet in the winter, so bring appropriate rain gear and warmer clothing if you’re headed to Rome after October. Of course, leave some rooms in your luggage for your Roman shopping, but when getting ready for your trip consider what to wear in Rome and what to pack so you will travel with peace of mind. During the cool and rainy months, you should bring: A waterproof rain jacket and/or coat. All rights reserved. If you are wondering how to get by with the ... Find all the best restaurants in Ostiense, Rome's former industrial district. I invite you to visit my page about Affiliate and Advertising Disclosure. Asher & Lyric, What to Pack for Rome top – 17 Essentials, Other Rome packing list items not to forget, Local currency (visit your local currency exchange), The Pantheon (the epicenter of Rome’s historic area, filled with hotels and restaurants). But remember that in Italy, modesty is key. See below.). Hair appliances that curl and straighten use very high wattage, and do not come standard with dual-voltage setting. Learn how your comment data is processed. Not in the city.). Any medications you are taking, and a list of these medications (do not put either of these in checked luggage! Not to mention that these headphones are great anytime, for the quality of the sound and also for the noise-blocking you might want in big, noisy cities like Rome. Trench coats are also quite versatile because they look equally good over dresses or jeans. Chances are you are going to stay out all day in Rome, so carrying a backpack rather than a purse might be ideal. Here are your options for travelling to Rome (and Europe) with a hair straightener/curling iron: You can buy a dual-voltage appliance. If luggage weight restrictions will limit what you can pack for your trip to Rome, ask your hotel before you come if they have laundry services, or if they can tell you if there is a laundromat nearby. You won't find Romans dining in shorts and tank tops, so keep this in mind for going out to eat, and again, for visiting the sites. Picture getting your heels caught in these sanpietrini, which are all over Rome - no fun! ), Photocopies of your passport and of the contents of your wallet (carry separately.). Then you will need a heavy-duty wattage converter. In your summer list of what to pack for Rome, if you are checking luggage, you may want to consider sunblock and mosquito repellent, as well. ©2020 Rome Actually. But you can also buy them here. I personally don't use this as I'd rather not have to steam/iron at all! Just saying. You should be comfortable since so much of the best sight-seeing in Rome involves walking. Unfortunately, it’s nothing new that in Rome you need to be careful to pickpockets, especially when you take the public transport or you are in crowded places like Termini train station. Whether it’s a maxi (long length) dress or one that falls just below your knees, choose a classic cut that doesn’t scream beach . The baby carrier will be invaluable for sightseeing and on Rome’s cobbled streets, while the stroller is indispensable for exploring the city on foot and to experience Rome’s vast parks, something we highly recommend. Comfortable sneakers to walk around in are a must. No, you won't look like a poshly-dressed Roman, but you are sightseeing in Rome...you are a tourist! Don’t you think you are going to take plenty of pictures in Rome? T-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, sundresses and sandals are all appropriate for any of the Rome sights, the Vatican. Men must wear long pants and women choosing to wear skirts must have the length to the … What to pack for Rome for fall, winter and spring, means you don't have to run around looking for bottled water to buy. Thank heavens for this little sim card + memory card holder. Whatever season you are planning to travel, there are some items you should always pack for Rome. This lightweight, comfortable RFID-block money belt is perfect for all seasons. Why am I including travel insurance on a page about what to pack for Rome? It actually makes a great gift for men and women, any time and for everywhere, not just travel. But you need a plug adapter since the shapes of the plugs are different here. Voltage in Italy is 220, and in the US and some other countries, it's 110. It has RFID blocking (nobody can walk by and scan your credit cards), and a zipper-lock. I can hold the phone more easily when taking pix or video, selfie or otherwise. I love my e-tip gloves that keep me warm yet allow me to use my smartphone without removing them. What to pack for Rome - What to wear when sightseeing. You may still dress casually, but modesty is what counts. I go back to the states a lot to see my family, so I finally made myself a packing list. Travel insurance can make the difference between a ruined trip and a trip that has a hiccup that you can just get through. These chill packs have changed my Rome summer life! And it's just easier to keep my phone in my hand and ready to take a photo at a moment's notice. This is the only coat you need to take when you plan what to pack for Rome, especially if you choose a neutral color like beige, black or navy. As you plan what to wear in Rome, make sure you pack at least one dress that falls below your knees so you can wear it to the Vatican, looking respectful but feeling fresh. This is a must for me, for travel or just life in general! My mom always tells me to wear a hat, and she is right. They are one of the most perfect things you can pack for Rome in summer! When deciding what to pack for Rome, the first thing you need to consider is the minimal amount of luggage that you are allowed to bring on the plane these days. Not only, you need to consider that you will be walking a lot in Rome, but also that many streets in the city center are paved with old cobbles. I think travel insurance is one of the easiest things to forget about taking on your trip, but if you wind up needing it, you will wish you'd gotten it. Some of the items we suggest are an anti-theft hidden money travel belt, a pickpocket-proof hoodie and a scarf with hidden pockets. Tennis shoes (trainers, sneakers), hiking shoes or other types of durable sports shoes are probably your best bet. Whether you're planning on staying at an AirB&B or a hotel, this aromatherapy travel pack will freshen the air and relax you. Only one pair of elegant clothes will do, just in case one day you feel like going to a fancy restaurant, club, event or even to see an Opera concert. This is a general Rome packing list with essentials you are going to need in every season. We love our CabinZero backpacks, red for me, grey for my husband! Which is why carrying a little travel foldable chair is a good idea if you don’t feel like standing in the queue for hours. I don't use it often but when I've needed it, I've never been so glad to have it with me! I know this might seem odd but since my mom does this, I figure others might find it useful: If you love your. This handy digital luggage scale will help keep you from that embarrassing moment in the airport when you have to re-pack on the floor, or, worse, when you have to pay over-weight fees. One of my pet peeves is people talking through a night-flight. So also check there for what to pack for Rome during the month you will be travelling. The main items we recommend packing when visiting Rome with small children are a baby carrier and a stroller.

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