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Wipeout is classic and Sniper Games have been fun in the past but I never did pick up 4. [49][50][51], Wipeout 2048 is the ninth and final game in the series to be developed by Studio Liverpool prior to their closure in August 2012. This time, players compete in the FX350 anti-gravity racing league, set a year prior to the FX400 league, featuring a handful of race tracks from Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse (although all content has been upgraded to render 1080p visuals in 60 frames per second). I can’t wait to try it on PS VR!! Also cool off on all the loot boxes, Looking forward to the new Gundam Mech game thats out already in Japan. Associate Digital Promotions Manager, Jim Ryan All rights reserved. PACER is an explosive anti-gravity combat racing game where players can race in a variety of single player modes or with up to 10 players via online multiplayer. At last, games that I don’t have! Both WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 will be available to download at PlayStation Store from August 6 until September 2. Looking for WIPEOUT - ABC Auditions for 2019? *Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer. Each ship has different characteristics: for example, ships will vary in handling, thrust, top speed, shield strength, and occasionally firepower. [53] Wipeout Omega Collection was announced in December 2016 and released in June 2017. Grande mês parabéns. What an amazing month for Playstation Plus, these games are great! More info, We use cookies to personalise your experience and ads on this website and other websites. Played the PSVR demo and it was pretty good, so keen to try that again in VR. Very happy personally for this month. Got a ton of attention in the VR community. Now I’ll just download it for free. The Wipeout games are a series of futuristic racers which involve players piloting anti-gravity ships through various forms of races. An enhanced edition entitled Wipeout 3 Special Edition was released exclusively in Europe on 14 July 2000; featuring minor changes to gameplay, such as different craft physics, auto-loading of saves and artificial intelligence bug fixes. Wipeout (commonly stylised as wipEout or WipEout) is a series of futuristic anti-gravity racing video games developed by Sony Studio Liverpool (formerly known as Psygnosis). Some months we got 4 or 5 games for PS4, and it was really nice having some of the smaller indie games in addition to the headlining games of the month. Sid Shuman [2][52], Wipeout Omega Collection (stylised as WipE'out'' OMEGA COLLECTION) is a remaster of the previous two titles in the Wipeout series: Wipeout HD (with its Wipeout HD Fury expansion) and Wipeout 2048. Not going to get either. [56][57][58], Nick Burcombe in a retrospective interview with Eurogamer. [35] As with the first two games, Psygnosis once again hired The Designers Republic to assist in development. [39], Wipeout HD was first announced during E3 2007, and was revealed to be a downloadable-only title. For the first game in the series, see. Those looking for the ultimate thrill can also experience the entire game, including all modes and tracks, in PlayStation VR. You having bought them (as is usually the case with me) is just the reality of being an avid gamer and buying lots of games. Tournaments typically contain four or eight single races each; points are scored based on position for each race, and the pilot who accumulates the most points wins. Hmm another recycled game what a shame,this is basically spitting in our faces and lol nobody sees that…sorry but the addition of VR to it ain’t an excuse to have Wipeout being recycled and much less offered on the lineup since 1st:Shouldn’t even exist on PS4 and 2nd:Should’ve been free since the very beginning (recycled games=biggest scam EVER in gaming history).Sniper Elite 4 is a great offer but doesn’t matter for me as it’s a game I want in disc.Half half is not bad though Sony…nice month overall.It’s high time to bring back those VR extras though and no…recycled games with a lil VR mode added to it doesn’t count. Wipeout Pure (stylised as wipE'out pṳre) is the sixth game in the series and was released simultaneously with the launch of the PlayStation Portable in 2005. Geez, that’s a bit more like it, finally. Definitely getting Wipeout! And get sick … yeah!!! The PSVR subreddit was unusable for like 2 weeks after that patch came out cause it was all just posts saying OMG WIPEOUT VR IS 10/10 AMAZING I CAN’T BELIEVE IT AUUUGHHH. I have both already, but a solid lineup for those that dont have them. Where are the VR games you promised ? [14][15][16] Every ship is equipped with a compulsory shield that absorbs damage sustained during a race; energy is lost whenever the player's ship collides or is hit by weapon fire. All content, game titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners. Never played either so excellent month for me. Psygnosis selected DJ Sasha to serve as the game's music director. [31] Music was mostly recorded from Psygnosis's in-house music team, CoLD SToRAGE, for versions released outside the PlayStation. The team received development kits of the then-upcoming PlayStation Portable the following year, and was made aware that Wipeout Pure was going to be a launch title for that console. Its fast-paced gameplay, high-quality visuals, and prominent techno soundtracks have been cited as hallmarks of the series. Community Coordinator, Epic Games, Naoki Yoshida [95][96][97] Wipeout Fusion was more negatively received by critics; the graphics received mixed responses, with one reviewer saying that it looked like an "early first generation PS2 game",[98] despite another opining that the visuals had improved over all of its predecessors. Its just reality. what is up with only 2 games and don’t say free when I am paying a yearly fee. The Wipeout franchise has been well received by critics, with Wipeout 2097 in particular being listed as among the PlayStation's best games. [100][101][102][28][103] Wipeout HD, along with its Fury expansion pack, also received very positive reviews, with many critics agreeing that it offered the best visual representation of any Wipeout game due to it being upscaled in full 1080p and rendered in 60 frames per second. I really thought that when the PS3 and PS Vita games were removed, one or two additional indie games would be added to the PS4 lineup each month, and it is unfortunate that it didn’t happen. Among these ideas included the proposal of a touchscreen device—which was not yet conceived at the time—as well as the inclusion of two sticks.

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